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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means

Canada the canadian durstig junge Toronto, Ontario  No.3089230 [Reply]

now that the dust has finally settled, we can all agree that Ryan was the best poster of all time

Russian Federation the russian white boy Khabarovsk, Khabarovskiy kray  No.3089227 [Reply]


Canada furmod Calgary, Alberta  No.3089229 

File: 1638575035783.png (3.57 MB, 1333x1000, 92295afcd8492738.png) ImgOps Google

Finland okay so the finnish pizza Lahti, Etela-Pohjanmaa  No.3089120 [Reply]

how long till you pull the plug
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United States the american orbimod Anchorage, Alaska  No.3089180 

at last

United Kingdom the british hairline London, England  No.3089184 +1 

Pull my plug dude

Finland the finnish house burner Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.3089207 

no you can do it yourself

Ireland The only Irish poster on CB !d4ZwLfcwFk Dunboyne, Meath  No.3089210 +1 

the day bronnen goes
the day

Germany Berlin, Berlin  No.3089228 


File: 1638533249598.jpg (30.64 KB, 610x608, roy enjoys traditional cul….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Canada the canadian haraldúr Beauharnois, Quebec  No.3089226 +3 [Reply]


File: 1611745615142.png (342.35 KB, 969x1775, TAKE ACTION v6.png) ImgOps Google

United States Please address rampant anorectal violence & misinformation. the american aids boy Scottsdale, Arizona  No.3085736 [Reply]

Blatantly injurious erotic anorectal violence—involving a combination of rapid thrusting, a girthy penis/object, and a prolonged duration—is rampant worldwide, facilitated by widespread (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation. It is impossible for resultant anal and rectal injuries and serious/chronic/permanent health consequences to be uncommon due to anorectal fragility relating to anatomy and neuromuscular physiology [References: Anorectal Risks 1-3]. When more than one person is involved such abuse should therefore constitute severely criminal behavior for any penetrative person—especially if significant mental pathology, a strong judgment-impairing drug, etc. are involved.

Pornography featuring anorectal violence can have numerous effects on some viewers. It may serve as inspiration for their own activities, condition them to be aroused by suffering, and contribute to development of related mental pathology: sexual sadism disorder, sexual masochism disorder, and perhaps even psychopathy for younger individuals [References: Trends & Associations]. People with such inclinations, some affiliated with pornography companies, are having a field day with anorectal violence and spreading disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is promoting societal decadence.

Governments worldwide have not addressed those matters effectively, and many people are suffering as a result. First and foremost, educational systems under their purview are failing to adequately and accurately educate people about anorectal anatomy, physiology, health, and especially the traumatic risks of anoreceptive activities. Secondly, governments are failing to rein in out-of-control pornography industries over which they have jurisdiction. Lastly, for people who both 1) harm others for profit and 2) inspire countless viewers, governments are failing to ensure that they face severe criminal consequences: Some of those viewers are inspired to the point of emulation, even using coercion.
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France the french bing bing wahoo Roubaix, Hauts-de-France  No.3089204 

> The "human anus" article has an image of a human female's anus and perineum that probably were damaged by some kind of major trauma. Biological human females should lack an obvious perineal raphe (seamlike union/ridge) in the anogenital region between the anus and the vagina, because the bulbospongiosus muscle is separated in them; embryologically it does not promote formation of a persistent, externally-visible midline raphe as it may in biological males [References: Anatomy & Trauma]. Furthermore, the "perineal raphe" article suggests otherwise (involving urogenital folds) with no support from any cited source.
Aside from relevant material included in Anatomy & Trauma, here is more:

“Erectile genital tissues in both males and females arise from the same embryological structures and thus are homologous” (Yang et al., 2006). The external genitalia of males and females develop from the urogenital sinus (which is divided into pelvic and phallic parts), from the genital tubercle or phallus, from the urogenital folds, and from the labioscrotal swellings. The corpora cavernosa of the clitoris and the glans are formed from the phallus. The vestibule of the vagina, the labia minora, the vestibular bulbs, and the female corpus spongiosum are formed by the pelvic and phallic part of the urogenital sinus and from the urogenital folds (Testut and Latarjet, 1972; Chiarugi and Bucciante, 1975; Standring, 2008; Puppo, 2011a). The phallic portion of the urogenital sinus remains open, and the genital folds do not fuse, and details of clitoral anatomy can be visualized with ultrasound and MRI prenatally (Wünsch and Schober, 2007)."
… "The main difference between the male and the female is the absence of the development of the external urethra in the female (to be precise, only the urethra in the glans is missing) due to the nonfusion of the urogenital folds; however, the structures that form the external urethra in the male are present in the female and correspond to the vestibule of the vagina and the internal surface of the labia minora (Testut and Latarjet, 1972; Standring, 2008; Puppo, 2011a)."
"Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, vestibular bulbs, and labia minora with a review of the female orgasm and the prevention of female sexual dysfunction." ClPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

United States the american gymcel Anchorage, Alaska  No.3089213 

ok I've looked at that pic so many times and always thought "why does she have a ridge of scar tissue jagging her anus??"

France the french bougie Roubaix, Hauts-de-France  No.3089223 

Indeed. Presumably plenty of others have thought something similar about that image. And yet it's been present in that article for years and still persists (as do those additional flaws that were pointed out for other articles).

United States the american patrik fridén Anchorage, Alaska  No.3089224 

File: 1638514428191.jpg (80.38 KB, 1013x1024, f43d3be8620226ef5a2f237ce9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hello! Did you know that you can cheaply and easily manufacture a permablinding laser weapon that will instantly blind targets at ridiculous ranges?

France the french samir34 Roubaix, Hauts-de-France  No.3089225 

Substantial changes were made recently to the text covering logically-fallacious diversionary tactics. The latest version is below.

Logically-fallacious diversionary tactics:
• A red herring is a tangential topic introduced as a distraction. Trying to create an unrelated discussion about a messenger or claimant (e.g. by introducing alleged personal attributes or asking about unstated opinions) is one _very_ common example.
• An ad hominem logical fallacy involves arguing or implying that at least one supposed attribute of a messenger or source somehow affects the validity of one or more claims presented when any such characteristic is completely irrelevant — and this is nonsensical for cases in which information originates from others. (Sometimes such characteristics can be relevant: For example, it may be appropriate to question someone's honesty when she makes a claim about herself or her own experiences. However, the anecdotal evidence logical fallacy could be a better angle.)
• Misrepresentation—introducing a distorted version of something presented—is another form of red herring. Attacking a fabrication as a means to suggest refutal of what was actually presented constitutes a straw man logical fallacy. (A refutation featuring one or more vague, sweeping claims with no proof provided may be related. The burden of proof rests on the claimant, so offering constructive criticism is a good idea.)

It is suggestive of a nefarious agenda and/or psychopathy to purposely and repeatedly try to divert attention away from anorectal anatomy and physiology, rampant anorectal violence, associated traumatic risks, and an epidemic of ignorance and misinformation. These topics, along with the voluminous amount of information from others, are so much more important than anything about one lone person trying to draw attention to them. Certainly pornography industries would be foolish not to take full advantage of psychopaths as deceitful and manipulative "psyop" agents when some pornography companies already utilize them for perpetration of violence against one or more others.

Italy the italian zinger Milan, Lombardia  No.3089219 [Reply]

it's just me bro

United States hentai the american bing bing wahoo Stamford, Connecticut  No.3089218 [Reply]

File: 1636897284939.png (197.17 KB, 628x379, royjacksoy2.png) ImgOps Google

Netherlands the dutch hetnigger Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland  No.3089098 +11 [Reply]

spscarter: can't wait to explore the sinnoh region on my nintendo switch next week, i'm so stoked guys

t. roy
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Netherlands the dutch orbimod Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland  No.3089128 +14 

File: 1637322149756.png (316.78 KB, 769x380, soycarterpokemon.png) ImgOps Google

OMG guys i've been playing all night since the release and i'm already at the third gym

going to sleep now, need to transport some nuclear waste in 2 hours

t. roy

India the indian mongol Mumbai, Maharashtra  No.3089129 +22 


India the indian pederast Mumbai, Maharashtra  No.3089130 +22 

What's up

Germany the german milcel Gersthofen, Bayern  No.3089212 

soyman farter

United States the american bhenchod Atlanta, Georgia  No.3089217 

soloman cartir: I support the KKK (krautchan, kohlachan, kotchan)

United States nutyoinkthinker Medford, Oregon  No.3089185 [Reply]

there is no god…

Germany the german curitiba Bremen, Thuringen  No.3089189 


File: 1638043545689-0.png (61.12 KB, 1792x638, FDjPTeSXoAYlW8B.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1638043545689-1.png (206.82 KB, 936x1314, 94398832_p0.png) ImgOps Google

United Kingdom the british beefer Swindon, England  No.3089200 +1 [Reply]

Germany the german big black cock Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.3089214 +1 

File: 1638313224467.png (52.67 KB, 714x736, FAEcU0uWYAAhY8D.png) ImgOps Google

Finland the finnish orbimod Vantaa, Kanta-Hame  No.3089211 [Reply]

Can you install Gentoo for me, onii-chan?

United States nutyoinkthinker Medford, Oregon  No.3089209 +1 [Reply]

enough with the testicles
get em off me

File: 1630063459271.mp4 (2.39 MB, 426x426, 240005382_304206311503893_….mp4) ImgOps Google

Iran, Islamic Republic of the iranian stablemaster Quchan, Khorasan-e Razavi  No.3088462 +13 [Reply]

United States the american wizard Dulles, Virginia  No.3088548 +1 

File: 1631124983948.jpg (110.68 KB, 1473x967, Rich-Man-Smoking-Cigar.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You make a convincing argument.

Germany phonecucked and owned Berlin, Berlin  No.3088571 +6 

File: 1631369975646.jpg (89.4 KB, 903x900, IMG_20210906_133632_679.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


United States the american anus Pleasant Grove, Utah  No.3088661 +1 

very informative, thank you slim

Germany Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein  No.3089081 +2 

File: 1636817449980.png (383.58 KB, 640x823, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

United States nutyoinkthinker Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.3089205 +1 [Reply]

the balls gotta go

United States the american orbimod New York City, New York  No.3089194 [Reply]

someone forgot to pay rent on mint again

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