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Escalator Company serial escalator products have been produced according to the current international standard and Chinese standard. It fully applies the novel materials and advanced technology both at home and abroad to design and manufacture the lifts,it has the features such as smooth running ,low noise, fine durability, convenient repair, fine and exquisite structure,consummate lift-way,remarkable be It-way,attractive outline model,magnificent design style with gentle modern flavor,A safe,cozy and beautiful escalator can let you enjoy the pleasant and comfortable moment every day.

The HENGDA FUJI moving walk brings a new level of simplicity and comfort to shopping. It allows easy and safe access to all parts of the building,even when moving with a loaded cart or trolley.

Blending engineering knowhow and style,this reliable and durable solution form HENGDA FUJI,a globally recognized escalator and moving walk specialist,is an asset to any quality shopping experience.

Product Market segmentation Speed Slope Operating environment Universal escalator Business, hotel, retail, hospital 0.5m/s 30°, 35° Indoor Inclined automatic sidewalk Business, hotel, retail, hospital 0.5m/s 10°, 11°,12° Indoor outdoor Public transport type escalator Infrastructure 0.5m/s 30°, 35° Indoor outdoor Horizontal automatic sidewalk Infrastructure 0.5m/s 0° Indoor outdoor

Superior performance of escalator - Escalator company: The truss utilizes first class rectangle steel with unique structure,high strength and nice anti-corruption durable features. The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible. The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of steps. The large size dimeter of step roller operates minimizes the noise and prolongs the product life. The human-oriented handrall entrance is secured by brush. The skirt together with inerior and outside deck uses dulex stainless steel. Stamping stainless steel front panels are availadle with various varieties . It adopts belt braking system controlled by braking motor which brakes smoothly and reliable. The super CPU main board monitors the operation in real time,if any abnormal situation occurs,it automaticallty brakes and records the malfunctions code. Customer can choose VVVF drive to control running speed.the energy saving performance is obvious.It can prolong product life and reduce the operation cost. The Escalator Manufacturer is richly endowed with the intelligence and popularity by the novel,distinctive,elegant,tensile and modernized streamline handrail inlet and outlet design model.It appears to be more beautiful in the outer appearance. It displays the noobleness and imposing manner of the conveying constructions.