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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means.

Porkistan ANUSOID Officer, Ostrobothnia  No.2823602 [Reply]

cozy 15degree ballsack
missus @ work
me reppin gang unemployed with non-stop beans

United States the american faggot gay homo Denver, Colorado  No.2823625 

big man

Iceland gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.2823648 

File: 1553474716425.png (105.45 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

United States the american steve rambo Southaven, Mississippi  No.2823652 +1 

kill yourself rodi

File: 1553438381396-0.jpg (271.99 KB, 1024x768, IMG_4008-1024x768.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1553438381396-1.jpg (572.06 KB, 2272x1098, Breezewood,_Pennsylvania.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1553438381396-2.jpg (387.14 KB, 1000x661, new jersey.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1553438381396-3.jpg (295.9 KB, 1280x720, suv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States the american kekistani New Berlin, Wisconsin  No.2823003 [Reply]

I love america
I love the american lifestyle
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Portugal Satanic Cuckmaster Ribeirao, Braga  No.2823587 

(what is irony)

Australia the australian rex  No.2823588 

good picture ben

United States the american soya dad Southaven, Mississippi  No.2823597 

>but heat isn't as oppressive
you have no idea what it's like when it's so hot that you can't even go outside for a minute without getting soaked with sweat
you like swamp ass? you'll have swamp ass

United States the american rex Denver, Colorado  No.2823634 

second pic
it really do be like that bro
i saw such settis in england as well
this is not goo

United States the american 4channer Southaven, Mississippi  No.2823635 

it's just an interstate stop
what's wrong with it
you'd cherish the sight if you were a trucker
although i don't see a pilot or a love's (those are the best truck stops!)

Porkistan ANUSOID Officer, Ostrobothnia  No.2823578 [Reply]

Im bernie bro
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United States the american reptillian Denver, Colorado  No.2823612 


Sweden yes Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2823613 +1 


Netherlands Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  No.2823615 +1 



United States the american moralfag Southaven, Mississippi  No.2823618 +1 



Netherlands Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  No.2823631 +7 

File: 1553473300309.png (870.53 KB, 1024x1139, 1553472595931.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1552649941751.jpg (188.16 KB, 977x768, im ok.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Finland the finnish gamer Vaasa, Pohjanmaa  No.2810386 +5 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

where the bronnen sven co-op gang @
Dice rollRolled 1d10. Result: 2.
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Finland the finnish faggot gay homo Vaasa, Pohjanmaa  No.2823464 +1 

Havoc Hangout #3
Dice rollRolled 1d10. Result: 9.

United Kingdom hmmm today i will Manchester, England  No.2823475 +1 

File: 1553460349827.png (57.3 KB, 339x314, 1531484262069.png) ImgOps Google

come on down

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823485 

cozy freezing @ night and sweating @ day cycle

United Kingdom hmmm today i will Manchester, England  No.2823557 

File: 1553465188952.png (1.07 MB, 900x900, 1513994009682.png) ImgOps Google

we are still enjoying should any of you wish to join

United Kingdom hmmm today i will Manchester, England  No.2823616 +2 

File: 1553472869356.gif (121.77 KB, 750x400, 1536409651296.gif) ImgOps Google

Porkistan ANUSOID Officer, Ostrobothnia  No.2823606 +3 [Reply]

everybody in the club getting chubby

United States the american horse (massive cuckold spotted) Denver, Colorado  No.2823614 

File: 1553460655468.jpg (593.75 KB, 800x800, 1546989536101.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823486 [Reply]

board be dead
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Australia the australian steve rambo  No.2823575 

and another one
and another one
and another one
and another

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823576 +1 

File: 1553467604399.png (2.14 MB, 1057x1500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

wtf are you spying on me

day 0'd twice just now

Australia the australian wizard  No.2823580 +1 

nantes favorite cheese

Finland Hoodlum Priest Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.2823582 +1 

File: 1553468007838.png (510.53 KB, 623x643, goatmoon feat matti nykäne….png) ImgOps Google

dead bored
board needs to die

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823607 

day 0

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823563 [Reply]

happy purim and daylight saving time

Australia the australian sfur aficionado  No.2823590 


United States the american behindert Southaven, Mississippi  No.2823591 

Australia the australian hiv carrier  No.2823600 

varg: what good women want

Sweden the swedish idiot retard Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2810607 +3 [Reply]

friday tune threda
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Argentina the argentine pizza boy Cipolletti, Rio Negro  No.2823553 

yeah, take ur time it can take a couple of weeks until we can play it right

Finland Hoodlum Priest Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.2823561 


sent her a text

but i think she is too hungover from last nights goatmoon gig we went to haha

will post here if she replies tonight

also fuck youtube for deleting all of my favorite goatmoon tracks

i dont want to listen to me records now

Argentina the argentine natsoc gfur Cipolletti, Rio Negro  No.2823564 

File: 1553466265835.png (29.38 KB, 510x205, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google


forget it i will leave this retarded band

after proposing covering the song i got lectured by the fucking bassist about how music must have meaning and lyrics must have content and say something relevant and other gay emotional bullshit

Finland Hoodlum Priest Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.2823571 


holy fucking shit what a retard

i mean yeah i could understand if he wants to be a whiny bitch like that if the song was actually made by you guys

but its a fucking cover song

give me a fucking break haha

that means you, me and suave will form a band

Argentina the argentine cam fapper (massive cuckold spotted) Cipolletti, Rio Negro  No.2823589 

the root problem is he formed the band so that we make music for his shitty lyrics because he cant really play any instrument, or create music.

so anything that wasnt written by him he will either slightly modify it and call it his own, or reject it as bad lyrics

I thought i could put up with that but i cant

>that means you, me and suave will form a band

a man can only dream

United Kingdom the british dungeon master Howden, England  No.2823568 [Reply]

posting from the apple store

Netherlands Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland  No.2823572 

Low iq

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823584 +3 

leave bronnen open on the frontpage

Australia the australian orbi  No.2823586 

leave xtian_anonmask.jpg on the demo

File: 1553447098189.jpg (196.74 KB, 871x960, 1553446473340.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german tuna swede Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.2823206 +12 [Reply]

Edgemaster dominance
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Argentina the argentine jaxon Cipolletti, Rio Negro  No.2823252 

id kill myself

even when im trekking i cant shit if im not near a source of water to wipe my ass

last time i trekked i had to take a shit in a place were there was only icy snow around so i used the FM technique of wetting the tp with it and it worked wonders

Palestine, State of the palestinian janitor Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2823280 

glad to help,,,

wetting the TP is more of a pre bidet move because i don't want to touch shit with me hands but it's a time proven technique and works in a pinch,,,

United States the american tyson mike New York City, New York  No.2823297 

the absolute state of the western diet

Germany the german douglas Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.2823565 


Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823567 

using the bathroom towel to wipe

File: 1553466875349.jpg (32.29 KB, 656x400, columbine.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Portugal Satanic Cuckmaster Ribeirao, Braga  No.2823570 +3 [Reply]

Mongo, don't forget the 14th of May

File: 1553465161169.png (1.17 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Norway Wild Savage Pagan Norwegian Stavanger, Rogaland  No.2823555 +3 [Reply]


Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823560 


File: 1553451836749.png (155.54 KB, 435x514, jaxon wtf.png) ImgOps Google

United States the american ostrobothnia Northfield, Illinois  No.2823328 +1 [Reply]

>the 20s start next year
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United States the american lola Northfield, Illinois  No.2823524 +1 

you mean 2019

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823526 +2 

File: 1553462834600.png (526.41 KB, 612x612, 52d5e35bad7f4d7b4ad914174a….png) ImgOps Google

it begins

Sweden the swedish patrik fridén Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2823552 

So how was this decade?

United States matt New Berlin, Wisconsin  No.2823554 +4 

The 21st century has been pretty cringe so far

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823558 +1 

File: 1553465317286.jpg (148.91 KB, 956x869, 1514997915094.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

who member this dude from begin of 2018

File: 1553439521841.jpg (2.52 MB, 2340x4160, PIC20190324_172055.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Belarus the belarusian erp chatlogs Minsk, Horad Minsk  No.2823046 [Reply]

Epic bikening
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Netherlands Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland  No.2823116 


United States Verified/Whitelisted Proxy the american altshiter Ashburn, Virginia  No.2823122 

That's a nice rope.

This gives me an idea. I'll buy a good rope to tie around my gear buttons in my bicycle so niggas don't deliberately fuck with it.

They'll probably steal the rope if it's good quality though.

Belarus the belarusian brother Minsk, Minskaya voblasts'  No.2823446 +1 

File: 1553459206507.jpg (35.32 KB, 420x388, mouse cozily sits in snek.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bikened for about 40km total hmm

Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823449 +2 

armor upgrade

Netherlands Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  No.2823556 

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.2823538 [Reply]


Canada the canadian northern brother Quebec, Quebec  No.2823544 


Germany Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2823546 

mhhh love it when that happen

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.2823547 +1 

Teşekkür ederim

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