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File: 1489664397707.jpg (54.22 KB, 964x964, 1473343554740.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States Roy Horn Lake, Mississippi  No.76 +24 [Reply]

Also the bronnen corporate meme banners are surprisingly hilarious too

And I'll just come out and say it since I'm kinda tipsy

I love the faggot leopard one too

I LOVE this image

United States random american poster Omaha, Nebraska  No.225 +22 [Reply]

There is literally nothing wrong with white supremacy

United States random american poster Melrose, Minnesota  No.227 +10 

alt right aids haver

United States おまえ は もう しんでいる Council Bluffs, Iowa  No.1595 +7 

India RIP X, I didn't understand you when you were alive the indian white boy Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.2235 +4 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I don't get the opportunity to say goodbye many times in my life and it leaves an empty feeling when I think back.


Sorry if I offended or made fun of any one here.

This is time to move on and my internet can be cut anytime now. I WILL NOT COME BACK. Thank you.

Dedicating this thread to X. RIP.
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United States guido joon Trenton, New Jersey  No.2333 +1 

chennai since you've gone, your old enemies have returned to frolic on your tomb
please save us

United States the american pederast New York City, New York  No.2334 +1 

King he once was,
And king he shall be again.

United States the american akainu Reston, Virginia  No.2335 +1 

Finland Phoneknight Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.2337 +1 

Brazil not amber Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2340 


Spain the spanish kekistani Coria, Extremadura  No.2368 +6 [Reply]

no sir kc leg kc kek hunman behaviourism?
Chikatilos plan chinese condom aids thick asian waifu schizophrenia dies in a gay tinder hole while vn iq bell curve finds it kind of funny finmd it kind of sad the dildo in butthole whikle penetration best shemale ever had

File: 1535566693678.jpg (207.59 KB, 1936x1408, FB_IMG_1535566640049.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States Fuquay Tavernier, Florida  No.2341 [Reply]

Vastra: btfo
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United Kingdom the british tree hugger London, England  No.2363 

United States the american stem masterrace Miami, Florida  No.2364 

i wish i could go back to august 29th

United States the american drumpf Chicago, Illinois  No.2365 

holy fuck

Lithuania the lithuanian moralfag Kaunas, Kauno apskritis  No.2366 

Iceland Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.2367 

israel mod is this going to get archived or what

United States Roy Southaven, Mississippi  No.102 +15 [Reply]

mr. tump?

not my president

United States the american anime pro Parkland, Florida  No.1782 +5 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

my high school had a shooting just now
i dropped out a few months ago
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Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1937 +2 


United States Venus in Furs Center Moriches, New York  No.1938 +2 


United States the american lund swede Virginia Beach, Virginia  No.2336 +2 

United States Proxy the american curitiba North Bergen, New Jersey  No.2338 

Lucky for you, sad for the school

Turkey TE.0 Ankara, Ankara  No.2339 

lawl what an edgy little chum

United States Fuquay Tavernier, Florida  No.2023 +1 [Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I just had sex
Ban from vir
Bstory when I get home(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS CRING)
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Belarus the belarusian lolcow Minsk, Minskaya voblasts'  No.2230 +2 

there is nothing casual about sex ppl are macabrely retarded

Sweden the swedish milcel Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2231 +2 

>there is nothing casual about masturbation ppl are macabrely retarded
t. classic putin

it's all a mattress of perspective…

Sweden the swedish hotshot Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2232 +2 

what's the point of /arch/ if this thread isn't archived

Ireland The only Irish poster on CB !d4ZwLfcwFk Dublin, Dublin  No.2233 +1 

congrats bro i gave my gf cummy bunnies today as well :)

Ireland The only Irish poster on CB !d4ZwLfcwFk Dublin, Dublin  No.2234 +1 

wait so you didn't cummy inside the v?
then you're still a virg………

File: 1531381018578.png (467.87 KB, 800x511, 1529674851715.png) ImgOps Google

Germany the german gayboy Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.2020 +3 [Reply]

United States the american alcoloser Tullahoma, Tennessee  No.2021 +1 

I don’t like family guy

Germany the german nippr daemon Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.2022 +4 


India WAKANDA FOREVER the indian oblivious hussy Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.1939 +1 [Reply]

You have to go through my rambling to get to the gist of this idea

Please archive this.

I have an idea, Africa will never get rich, it can never be rich. But it's very huge. But it's rich in minerals which all the whiteys steal along with the bougie African niggers who betray their own people. Africa also has cultural capital which whites lack. And soon every shithole will be Americanized and local culture be destroyed.

Africa has cultural capital. I can only see Africa being a place for refugee and healing just like home whiteys go to South America to drink Ayahuasca, there must be some tropical juice stuff filled with DMT and whiteys to trip on to realize their potential to destroy their soul further and to destroy the lives of others just like how they monetize Yoga while wearing all those fake white teeth smiling like robots.

I propose that we have tour of true ethnic culture to connect to core human essence and away from the concrete jungles in the west to real jungles. We can do also conserve the environment at the same time. We need to form a cult, because only cults work effectively like religion. Because something this deep can be understood highly intelligent people.

And anyone who likes this idea and want to do it, feel free. You might think I'm crazy. I'm okay with it. I'd rather have humans connect to basic humanity than become some individual robot which west has become. I understood this when I traveled to the west. And apologize if I offended anyone who is outside. This post was meant for people in this board, but if you read it, I hope you are not offended.

United States the american avian Blacksburg, Virginia  No.2016 +1 

File: 1528256504710.png (47.54 KB, 1024x683, wakanda_redesign.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1525641374608.png (11.5 KB, 495x286, pinal solution.png) ImgOps Google

Turkey the turkish hairline Istanbul, Istanbul  No.1947 +1 [Reply]

imaging the year 2050

ben uploading 3 gb photos
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Brazil piano brazil Santo Angelo, Rio Grande do Sul  No.1996 +2 

Kristján teaches history in a Baltimore inner-city school and embarrasses his students with his habit of quoting rappers mid lecture

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1997 +1 

god i wish that one of these days i'll be the subject of an eric post

Iceland Xtian Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.1998 +1 

Brazil piano brazil Santo Angelo, Rio Grande do Sul  No.1999 +1 

Guido joins Hezbollah in the hope of becoming a super saiyan

United Kingdom bateman London, England  No.2000 +3 

botanists reintroduce several ostensibly lost species of moss using samples taken from anuses frontal lobe

File: 1526076187286.webm (2.83 MB, 450x360, walk.webm) ImgOps Google

Germany the german cohen Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2005 +1 [Reply]

Germany the german diaperfur fetishist Berlin, Berlin  No.2008 +1 

do you have the one with the zaubertrank?

Germany the german junge Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2009 +1 


but dumping anyway

Germany the german tree hugger Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2010 +1 

File: 1526076432736.webm (8.57 MB, 640x360, stephan gerner epona.webm) ImgOps Google

Germany the german bsr Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2011 +1 

File: 1526076451103.webm (8.11 MB, 200x150, stephan gerner felsbrock.webm) ImgOps Google

Germany the german tranny Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2012 +1 

File: 1526076523450.webm (7.28 MB, 320x240, stephan gerner arensa son….webm) ImgOps Google

File: 1526076270244.jpg (86.96 KB, 540x960, me fam.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german virgin Munich, Bayern  No.2007 +1 [Reply]

United States the american lund swede Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.1945 +1 [Reply]


India the indian unkel Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.1942 +2 [Reply]

4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is their Goal
Every market has three major dimensions and everyone knows that
1) Technical Analysis 2) Fundamental Analysis 3) Manipulation.

— — — — 
Don’t be surprised if this post just disappears one day. As I record more & more manipulation here, one day I may receive a “friendly request” from the influential sources to delete this post. Read while you can :) 81,000 people have read this post as of Mar-29–2018.

This is a copyrighted content. Please do not reproduce. You ARE WELCOME to post a short summary and link to this post.
 — — — —

Cartel — The 4th dimension of the market
There is 4th dimension that exist in FEW Markets, Its called “Cartel”. Its primary Goal is “Price-suppression”. Please note — it IS NOT “Manipulation”.

Is Cartel Active in Crypto Space?
Absolutely, YES.
I called for Bitcoin correction of 95% before CME opened its doors. Check my Twitter account @Super_Crypto So far 70% of it is already in place. (But don’t expect 95% correction to happen in one shot. We will see many Rallies and Dumps in between. Nothing goes in a straight line. 20K is just the first inning. We are in for a long ride of a few years.)
Since When Cartel Is Active?
Cartel entered Crypto space somewhere in Oct-2017. Their presence started showing the HOUR CME-Futures Market Opened it doors for Crypto.
Bitcoin DUMP started exactly at the moment CME opened Doors at 5PM on Dec-17–2017. It still continues (image last updated Mar-10–2018)

Chart updated on Mar-10–2018. Courtesy Tradingview.com.
Don’t believe in Cartel?
I know, I know! You are one of those guys telling me “Everything is natural correction” — Right?

No buddy, its NOT.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

India the indian baldcel Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.1943 +1 

File: 1522407505607-0.jpeg (161.59 KB, 1400x697, 1_wbbccX58FDK3OQEG0Im8tg.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407505607-1.jpeg (95.75 KB, 800x427, 1_6NA3vLrj16A8ZsjW7CkhLQ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407505607-2.jpeg (94.58 KB, 800x424, 1_Zn0OtjO3aBnl9gNTIyaMWw.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407505607-3.jpeg (44.79 KB, 800x308, 1_5jU_ggUeaLcp2YEC19eCzQ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407505607-4.jpeg (82.08 KB, 800x418, 1_FJYLmu3ggk0qFik4xnJZOQ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

India the indian cal Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.1944 +1 

File: 1522407753891-0.jpeg (77.23 KB, 800x462, 1_FJKPrPx2INj6urxdxp_5uQ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407753891-1.jpeg (56.39 KB, 756x429, 1_gEmK-tyJ5hCcQvBE5Lo_7A.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407753891-2.jpeg (137.92 KB, 776x563, 1_l5zUVCshNAwBP-EfIR7jPw.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407753891-3.jpeg (40.32 KB, 800x322, 1_LWxlOClja47k1e9__bJWiA.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1522407753891-4.jpeg (39.8 KB, 479x417, 1_r6SnyNPN-QwpK-Y2Gw9uHA.jpeg) ImgOps Google

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