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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means.

Denmark the danish hlbk Copenhagen, Hovedstaden  No.2725856 [Reply]

redpilled cuck

United Kingdom the british junge Oxford, England  No.2725858 


United States fragrant personality Bellevue, Washington  No.2725859 +1 

cuckpilled red

Sweden Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2725861 +1 

Iceland gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.2725809 [Reply]


United Kingdom xXx_Knee_Grow_Slayer_xXx Wyken, England  No.2725815 +1 

File: 1547580730861.jpg (13.52 KB, 320x240, mpv-shot0001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Iceland Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.2725845 


File: 1547580101878-0.jpg (1.95 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20190115_211746.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1547580101878-1.jpg (380.62 KB, 2016x1008, IMG_20190115_212012_34CS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Greece the greek hacker Athens, Attiki  No.2725800 [Reply]

*vapes at you*

United Kingdom xXx_Knee_Grow_Slayer_xXx Wyken, England  No.2725808 +6 

File: 1547580367228.jpg (733.18 KB, 4000x3649, scream.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Netherlands Advanced  No.2725816 +2 

File: 1547580793577.png (650.25 KB, 700x1000, __miki_sayaka_mahou_shoujo….png) ImgOps Google

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725818 +2 

joni blowing fette clouds mang

*angrily vapes in your direction*

Greece the greek lucas bailey Athens, Attiki  No.2725832 

United States the american samir34 New York City, New York  No.2725772 [Reply]

hi Cheyenne

United Kingdom Dad pleasure Kingston Bagpuize, England  No.2725777 


United States the american hiv carrier New York City, New York  No.2725826 

Netherlands Advanced  No.2725830 



what's up man ?

Ireland the irish pederast Dunboyne, Meath  No.2725811 [Reply]

think post office so bsr they send package from work 20km to your house isntead of england

File: 1547578017496.png (668.11 KB, 636x900, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Turkey le limp dick energy emitter Ankara, Ankara  No.2725760 +3 [Reply]

i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by anime,
starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the n-word streets at dawn looking
for an animu ass,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly
connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,

United States the american shemale Tavernier, Florida  No.2725774 +1 

Ok but what about edgemaster

Turkey le limp dick energy emitter Ankara, Ankara  No.2725782 

who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists,
and screamed with joy,
who blew and were blown by those human seraphim, the sailors,
caresses of Atlantic and Caribbean love,
who balled in the morning in the evenings in rosegardens and
the grass of public parks and cemeteries scattering their
semen freely to whomever come

Greece the greek kiribati Athens, Attiki  No.2725795 

When I was in junior high anime circlejerk was for the mysterious artsy kids
(Didn't participate)

File: 1547571212335.jpg (56.11 KB, 1024x724, f57998d90d15bfe55fa43ff78e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany artist: ricegnat Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725569 +3 [Reply]

puppy made too much rice again

owned (the good kind)
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United States idiotretard Bismarck, North Dakota  No.2725695 

pressure cooked a chicken covered in garlic, coriander, mustard, tumeric, cardamom, ginger, and peppercorns

then tore that bitch up with it's broth into carrots, cabbage, and bell peppers

pan fried a shit ton of onions and red potatoes

then fired curry leaves, more cardamom, sour anchovy paste, gangala, garlic, chili oil, paprika, cayenne, and peppercorns

then simmered with coconut oil, before throwing in chunks of tilapia the last 7 minutes


Greece the greek lola Athens, Attiki  No.2725755 

Because of the dull colour I thought it was some northern tier recipe (meat with salted water in the pot(

Sweden Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2725761 +1 

File: 1547578029147.jpg (24.67 KB, 754x682, le gay alien skull.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Norway the norwegian glaceon Stavanger, Rogaland  No.2725779 

put it in the fridge and when you're hungry throw it in a pan with butter and eggs

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725787 

File: 1547579281556.png (244.67 KB, 500x516, 2fe9b51e568aba99aa692ed160….png) ImgOps Google

yeah t'is what i do

i know little restraint when "cooking" and always make too much so it lasts me for 3 meals

the coworkers have been throwing snarky remarks about me meal sizes too wtf

Finland the finnish white boy Pori, Satakunta  No.2725765 [Reply]

eye area of peace
Dice rollRolled fortune yolo rate. Result: False.
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Estonia the estonian hewat Haapsalu, Laanemaa  No.2725768 

Cute girl

United Kingdom xXx_Knee_Grow_Slayer_xXx Wyken, England  No.2725773 +2 

File: 1547578709540.jpg (93.99 KB, 1024x925, photo1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


girl :DDD

Finland the finnish never haver Pori, Satakunta  No.2725775 

eye area of war
Dice rollRolled fortune yolo rate. Result: False.

Estonia the estonian bronze gentleman Haapsalu, Laanemaa  No.2725776 

You can tell she's a girl based on her cephalic index

Finland the finnish orbimod Pori, Satakunta  No.2725780 +1 

File: 1547579041909.png (153.17 KB, 1114x708, special books.png) ImgOps Google

cant stand that round chin it looks so peacetime and bsr
Dice rollRolled fortune yolo rate. Result: False.

United States the american autist Middletown, New Jersey  No.2725758 [Reply]

hey! that's a meme!

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.2725759 +1 

File: 1547577956313.png (4.65 KB, 419x249, benis.png) ImgOps Google

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725764 +4 

File: 1547578081565.jpg (70.59 KB, 504x465, 7be9a98ea42b17e83037bc1dad….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1547577835351.png (3.11 MB, 1280x922, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Norway the norwegian faggot gay homo Stavanger, Rogaland  No.2725757 [Reply]

File: 1547577024474.png (308.61 KB, 599x710, 1542423275684.png) ImgOps Google

Estonia the estonian kid sucker Haapsalu, Laanemaa  No.2725740 +6 [Reply]

i could pick apart the foundations of your argument with facts and logic and trounce you intellectually but instead i will just roast you because it's funnier

United States the american horse rapist New York City, New York  No.2725742 +9 

low test low confidence tranny hunter alt-shite retard takes a break from the sweet indie sonic musings of aids to try his hand at being funny

Finland the finnish pizza Pori, Satakunta  No.2725746 +3 

confidence also known as height
Dice rollRolled fortune yolo rate. Result: False.

Estonia the estonian 8channer Haapsalu, Laanemaa  No.2725748 +7 

here is an example of a bitter twit who will bully me regardless of the content or context of what i say because i fatshamed him once upon a time and he's insecure

Estonia the estonian durstig junge Haapsalu, Laanemaa  No.2725754 +6 

you are just a small time dungeon master with ill-formed 14 year old political worldviews, your indignation and domination levied only to satisfy your own ego and greed and not out of some greater or objective sense of putting those who deserve it in their place

Finland the finnish leafcuck Pori, Satakunta  No.2725731 +1 [Reply]

harem of 12 teenage high school women they all love me because im nice
Dice rollRolled fortune yolo rate. Result: False.

Spain the spanish radan Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha  No.2725733 +7 

deathnikcel low stature ugliness but also powerful personality capable of girlfriend

Greece the greek dungeon master Athens, Attiki  No.2725751 

Me talk with Ukrainian qt

File: 1547576462046.png (83.53 KB, 300x459, 300px-Greater_israel_alter….png) ImgOps Google

Russian Federation the russian bearmode Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.2725724 [Reply]

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725727 +1 

File: 1547576553791.png (416.34 KB, 914x884, 8b190417a23c7ff3362b3c8458….png) ImgOps Google

maps mentioned

Russian Federation the russian haraldúr Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.2725737 

Dear friend! Please play this game. I am sure you will love it! The beginning may seem boring, but then you are waiting for exciting adventures and complicated romantic intricate relationships with the girlpioneers. I fall at my feet, but play. I am one of those who translated the game.

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725743 

File: 1547577199984.gif (5.81 MB, 960x400, a4e1813d54f613aafefdae2594….gif) ImgOps Google

1. play this game,

2. try not to cum

3. you will lose!

lool is that le russian 2ch Двач mascot grille i see?

Russian Federation the russian bulge noticer Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.2725750 

Originally planned as an eroge with Russian mascot. And then it became something else. I will not say that it is bad - the game came out very interesting. And it will be of particular interest to the Western reader, since you hardly understand all these intricate Russian imageboard memes.

Germany Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725715 [Reply]

can roy stop changing geococks

ok danke war alles
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Turkey the turkish radan Istanbul, Istanbul  No.2725720 

roy here

ok ill only post from this geocuck from now on

United States idiotretard Bismarck, North Dakota  No.2725721 

he loves to travel uwu

Germany (muokattu) Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2725725 

sultanmon cohençi

United States the american african american New York City, New York  No.2725729 

Sweden Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.2725739 +2 

File: 1547576946538.jpg (40.76 KB, 640x1138, xtian mirror pic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United Kingdom AsianWomenWorshipper Higher Broughton, England  No.2725688 [Reply]

xtian = stan laurel
reddit swede = oliver hardy
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United States the american janitor Tavernier, Florida  No.2725692 +1 

you = fatty arbuckel

United States the american pizza boy West Memphis, Arkansas  No.2725698 

Nobody even knows who that is, grandpa

United States the american telejerker Tavernier, Florida  No.2725703 +4 

but everyone knows you're a big fat retard

United States the american krautchanner West Memphis, Arkansas  No.2725709 

Sweden vastra Karlskoga, Orebro lan  No.2725719 

anyone with an iota of education does

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