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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means

Japan Chiba, Chiba  No.2907493 +1 [Reply]

E 6 years ago
you people never know what it feels like to be truly alone… i have friends and a gf so in your mind i am not alone but i am alone because i dont feel love and i hate that never will but it does not matter thats all i have to say

United States the american 4channer Bellevue, Washington  No.2907558 


Japan Chiba, Chiba  No.2908078 +1 

this was on a nightcore video

United States the american avian Bellevue, Washington  No.2908167 

what a chad no offense

Sweden the swedish hewat Varnamo, Jonkopings lan  No.2908173 


Japan Chiba, Chiba  No.2908277 

none taken as it not me

File: 1558737350163.jpg (353.87 KB, 750x720, Canada1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Mexico the mexican livebunkerer Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico  No.2908193 +1 [Reply]

I would unironically marry Ottawa just to live in Canada
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Canada the canadian women's pussy Sutton, Ontario  No.2908260 

i have never made more than 15cad/hr

Canada the canadian naked wtf Sutton, Ontario  No.2908263 

we get mexican workera in beaverton every summer to harvest crop
you could come pick strawberries

Brazil the brazilian chadcel Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2908266 

time to rise up

Brazil the brazilian rex Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2908272 

social security means free money for the lumpen
meanwhile workers pay taxes for they whole life to retire with not enough money to buy food medication

social security should be only for the workers, not for the lumpen that will spend it with overpriced crap in order to inflate corporations profits

social security is a perverted way to take money from the workers to give it to the bourgeoisie

Mexico the mexican schizo Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico  No.2908273 

File: 1558742067879.jpg (634.96 KB, 1024x768, el-tajin.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Yeah but I would be a temporary worker and I hate being a n*gger working in farms

At least Mexico has cool pyramids

United States fully indebted and loving it New Berlin, Wisconsin  No.2908242 [Reply]

lay down on this cart and go for a ride

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje, Skopje  No.2908249 

thanks i will

File: 1558740807429.jpg (44.17 KB, 540x1140, IMG-20190524-WA0078.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Brazil the brazilian naked wtf Santo Andre, Sao Paulo  No.2908248 [Reply]

United States the american genious Bellevue, Washington  No.2908227 +1 [Reply]

I love Iceland!

United States the american drumpf Bellevue, Washington  No.2908228 

also where xtian @

United States Ryan Chicago, Illinois  No.2908230 

I just talked to him

United States Ryan Chicago, Illinois  No.2908128 +1 [Reply]

they don't make em like this anymore

Germany the german joonas Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.2908133 +1 

cool i didn't know song+vid ty

United States Ryan Chicago, Illinois  No.2908216 


i remembered it from my childhood cus my dad had the video or something

Albania (((🤡🌍))) Tirana, Tirane  No.2908076 +4 [Reply]

i'm bored
should i schizobike
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Brazil the brazilian 4channer Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2908145 

thats a good way to die

United States the american beanchad Canoga Park, California  No.2908195 

drive into care and end your pathetic existence

Netherlands the dutch norgebosniak Diemen, Noord-Holland  No.2908198 +2 

You mad bitch

United States the american ntgger Canoga Park, California  No.2908203 

nyah nyah •̀ω•́

Albania (((🤡🌍))) Tirana, Tirane  No.2908215 +2 


Argentina the argentine pepe garrison Castelar, Buenos Aires  No.2908187 [Reply]

Gym.. it has been so many years

Let the coping commence

Canada the canadian women worshipper Montreal, Quebec  No.2908200 

File: 1558737651443.jpg (5.71 MB, 5312x2988, 20180815_143745_HDR.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje, Skopje  No.2908191 +1 [Reply]

if you are german you need to think really hard before posting your personality…

United States the american kid rater Bellevue, Washington  No.2908190 +1 [Reply]

ball stretcher

File: 1558725141970.png (475.41 KB, 974x510, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png) ImgOps Google

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje, Skopje  No.2908047 +1 [Reply]

my precious little mouse, my tender squid
your brain is a coffeepot open the lid

United Kingdom xXx_Knee_Grow_Slayer_xXx Birmingham, England  No.2908049 +3 

File: 1558725214700.png (19.44 KB, 82x135, lola last moments.png) ImgOps Google

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Skopje, Skopje  No.2908189 +1 

File: 1558736834561.png (144.01 KB, 828x522, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1558732673343.jpg (236.56 KB, 1024x1024, D7NzcMiXkAAYrm7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of (massive cuckold spotted) Skopje, Skopje  No.2908153 +1 [Reply]

yes I contracted superghonnerhea from the carpet of my local gamestop when i tried to impress bowsette x chromosome cashier by doing "the worm" at a super mario galaxy release party

United States the american behindert Bellevue, Washington  No.2908180 +1 

no you didnt

File: 1558673338018.jpg (39.67 KB, 720x478, 1480260696822.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Turkey the turkish gymcel Yenisarbademli, Isparta  No.2907231 +6 [Reply]

A gay, atheist, liberal EU supporting Dutch professor and a nazi was teaching a class on Armenian genocide.

”Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Armenian genocide and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Jesus Christ!”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, neo Ottomanist, black Turkish man who had served in the army for 1500 hours and understood that Ottomans did nothing wrong stood up and showed a picture of Hagia Sophia

”Who built this, giaour?”

The arrogant professor smirked quite whiteoidly and smugly replied “Greeks of course, it's a Greek church. Stupid n-word”

”Wrong. It was built by Turks. If it were indeed a Greek church then why does it have minarets?”

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of Bible. He stormed out of the room crying those crocodile tears. The same tears nazi cry for the “poor Kurds” (who today live in such luxury that most own refrigerators) when they jealously try to claw justly earned land from the Turks. There is no doubt that at this point our professor, Mark Beenhouwer, wished he had pulled himself up by his bootstraps and become more than a sophist white nationalist professor. He wished so much that he had a gun to shoot himself from embarrassment. But he forgot that he could not own guns in his precious union!

The students applauded and all applied for Turkish citizenship that day and accepted Allah as their god and converted to Islam. A Turk then ran into the room and perched atop the Turkish Flag and shed a tear on the chalk. "Allahu Ekber" was shouted several times, and Erdogan himself showed up enacted an alcohol tax across the European Union.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of the gay plague AIDS caused by eating pork and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.

Turkey the turkish mongol Zonguldak, Zonguldak  No.2908162 +2 

Albania (((🤡🌍))) Tirana, Tirane  No.2908165 +4 


Sweden the swedish joonas Varnamo, Jonkopings lan  No.2908172 

File: 1558617879572.jpg (391.04 KB, 3024x2498, h2bpbkf8kl221.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Turkey the turkish paintknight Antalya, Antalya  No.2906327 +5 [Reply]

im gonna say it

United States Dad satisfier Grand Rapids, Michigan  No.2906330 

Kara booga

Turkey the turkish naked wtf Zonguldak, Zonguldak  No.2906333 

“Ağır Kabus”

Turkey the turkish pmf Zonguldak, Zonguldak  No.2908161 

File: 1558732584850.jpg (576.27 KB, 1989x1400, ATDD76x.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Canada retarded autist Calgary, Alberta  No.2908151 +1 [Reply]

Germany the german minimum wage Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.2908155 

epic style

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