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/meta/ - Metawhining (1 reader)


Germany random german poster Munich, Bavaria  No.691 +21 [Reply]

/meta/ theme song

Germany random german poster Munich, Bavaria  No.692 +12 


Israel Fake Merchant Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv  No.766 +16 

this should be on the front page

Germany the german gayboy Darmstadt, Hessen  No.897 +62 [Reply]

unban anus
demod ben beaverton
upvote if you agree

Germany the german staffas Darmstadt, Hessen  No.901 +18 


Sweden Malmoe, Skane lan  No.913 +6 


United States Bradenton, Florida  No.1078 +6 


Germany the german idiot retard Berlin, Berlin  No.1141 +1 [Reply]

board request
/alt/ - right

Canada Proxy the canadian piteå Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1125 +2 [Reply]

i know this will fall on deaf ears but i think its time to ban chennai

we banned gopnik and hes not half as annoying

Canada Proxy the canadian hetnigger Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1126 +1 

im not hcs btw

Sweden yes Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1129 +1 

i'd like to upvote this anonymously

Canada Proxy the canadian dungeon master Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1140 +4 

>im not hcs
roy upvote

File: 1541481511805.png (1.24 MB, 960x862, 1540071853381.png) ImgOps Google

United States gopnik (muokattu) Richardson, Texas  No.1132 +1 [Reply]

constant bullying on bronnen

half the site doesn't mind/likes me
other half wants me dead 4ever
sao paulo isn't that mean
shirley is pretty nice
ron too
parkland is pretty kind but arrogant
estonia is nice
ben is above neutral

some posters ignore me like the plague, i've never spoken to them before
edge doesn't like me but he doesn't wipe lol
treat boy and dixie hate me but they are horseboxers and only hate me because roy said to hate me
speaking of horse
roy reeeaaaally hates me
like he prefers parkland more than me and parkland spams hcs memes in random threads and makes fun of him way more than me
wacky acts schizophrenic, sometimes he hates me, sometimes he doesn't hate me as much
fm doesn't talk to me much anymore

why can't i just be accepted by everyone here… what must i do to appease the other half of brone………… what must i do to stop the constant bans, the constant "kys gopnik" posts, the bullying. shirley doesn't get bullied. estonia doesn't get bullied. parkland get's bullied by jonii sometimes but come on he goes on tirades about epic drug bro

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United Kingdom mac pilib :D London, England  No.1134 

Dice rollRolled d20+1. Result: 10.

Canada Proxy the canadian sissy Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1136 

go on 4chan or reddit you'll probably unironically have a better time

when bronneners stop liking someone its permanent

Canada Proxy the canadian alex jones Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1137 

also im not hcs

Canada Proxy the canadian stem masterrace Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1138 

ok it's not necessarily permanent

they dont actually hate you

its just banter dont take it personal

Turkey Roy atın götüne Koy Konya, Konya  No.1139 

File: 1541704318824.jpg (34.57 KB, 554x554, IMG_3296.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

>no mention to me

Argentina the argentine roy General Roca, Rio Negro  No.1135 [Reply]

Make me a mod

Brazil classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Brasilia, Distrito Federal  No.857 +22 [Reply]

petition for fm to legally change his name to bronnen ulanovsky

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.859 +3 

law? i don't see it on the list of things that are real

Brazil classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Brasilia, Distrito Federal  No.860 +3 

that list is not real either

Brazil classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Brasilia, Distrito Federal  No.877 +2 

so when's it gonna be (b)ron(n)en

United States cyclone !p36owGodcw Cleveland, Tennessee  No.920 +2 

Sweden random swedish poster Norsborg, Stockholm  No.616 +13 [Reply]

bring back toucans and make jessica a mod

United States the american mammal Cincinnati, Ohio  No.911 +1 


United States the american alex jones Cleveland, Tennessee  No.919 +2 

how do i change my flag like you did?

Estonia Tallinn, Harjumaa  No.1121 


File: 1541070784645.jpg (88.88 KB, 500x492, horse.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Brazil Lori Goiania, Goias  No.1131 +5 [Reply]

add user recommendations

if you upvoted a chennai post in the last 24 hours bronnen automatically directs you to threads/posts containing tags like germoney pidorson gubermint etc

crank up datamining so it cant be turned off

Dice rollRolled 10d10. Result: 48.

United States my geoloc: richmond, virginia Richmond, Virginia  No.1130 [Reply]

the mysterious south ameri erp threads should be moved to /arch/ when they're done

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1027 +9 [Reply]

hello i'd like a loan of 100 upvotes

United States the american pissbottle drinker Elkridge, Maryland  No.1128 

let's do it guys

United States the american magapede Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  No.1127 +5 [Reply]

fuck /int/

Russian Federation the russian rex Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.1124 +8 [Reply]

add /vastra/

Republic of Lithuania random lithuanian poster Kaunas, Kaunas  No.636 +2 [Reply]


Canada Proxy the canadian rex's owner Beauharnois, Quebec  No.1123 +2 

File: 1540282516429.png (18 KB, 119x148, roy want.png) ImgOps Google

Argentina the argentine dungeon master (muokattu) Choele Choel, Rio Negro  No.1122 +3 [Reply]

superupvote feature

Each account can give one superupvote per month

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