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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means

File: 1595880790551.jpg (84.87 KB, 843x845, 107800055_3062767383841359….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States the american reptillian Milwaukee, Wisconsin  No.3079766 [Reply]

g*d bless

Finland the finnish junge Turku, Varsinais-Suomi  No.3079767 

thanks obama

Finland the finnish tranny Turku, Varsinais-Suomi  No.3079769 

rip in peace

Germany the german pleb Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.3079782 

PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WOIO) - Richard Rose was only 37 years old when he died at his home from complications due to COVID-19. He was born and raised in Port Clinton.

Those who knew Rose described him as kind, funny, and caring.

His family said he was very active in helping homeless vets and in preventing veteran suicide.

The Port Clinton man served in the U.S. Army for nine years and did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He died at his home from complications related to COVID-19 on the Fourth of July.

“We were blown away, you know? You hear about this virus and you don’t expect it to affect people, younger people like ourselves,” said Nick Conley, who was Rose’s friend.

Conley met Rose through a shared love of video games. He is crushed that he lost his friend to this virus, but he’s also hurt by something Rose posted on Facebook back in April.

That post has now been shared more than 10,000 times. It reads, “Let’s make this clear. I’m not buying a mask. I’ve made it this far by not buying into that damn hype.”

“Rick is getting slaughtered online right now for his decision that he made not to wear a mask and that’s not right,” Conley said. “We should still be compassionate whether we agree with someone’s beliefs or not. Someone has passed away and we should have some compassion towards that.”

Rose’s family said he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 1 and died just three days later. Rose’s family said he had no known pre-existing health conditions.

“It’s horrible that we lost Rick but the even more tragic part of that is who else became infected because of the actions that he chose,” Conley said.

Conley hopes his friend’s death will serve as a warning to others.

“I know a lot of people that haven’t met someone that they know of that has been diagnosed with the virus and I wanted people to see it was real and my hope is that people will see that this does happen and people will be more cautious,” he said.

File: 1595855474172.png (355.59 KB, 640x791, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Turkey the turkish lucas bailey Inegeul, Bursa  No.3079760 +1 [Reply]

Turkey the turkish douglas Istanbul, Istanbul  No.3079761 

Norway the norwegian tom preston Orkanger, Sor-Trondelag  No.3079772 

One time I wrote a long post about how sakura abuses naruto physically and psychologically and the author never acknowledges it or goes anywhere with it outside of gags

United States the american natsoc gfur Milwaukee, Wisconsin  No.3079771 +1 [Reply]

File: 1595796987472.png (67.08 KB, 426x401, royposter.png) ImgOps Google

Russian Federation the russian sonichu Dolgoprudnyy, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.3079739 +1 [Reply]

I don't know which one of you this is but I wanted to let you know 8chnl.net is back online after about a week of downtime.
Thank you.

Argentina the argentine kiribati Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires  No.3078680 [Reply]


how much for this massage
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United States the american genious Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079746 

cringecord stables

Argentina the argentine sfur aficionado Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires  No.3079749 

say i say hi if u see him

United States the american wizard Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079750 

ok done

Germany the german soya dad Berlin, Berlin  No.3079751 

Wtf is this? Lol

Germany the german dogfucker Berlin, Berlin  No.3079752 +1 

Hi bro

United States the american beefer Parma Heights, Ohio  No.3079716 +5 [Reply]

Shirley kill yourself you piece of shit
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United States the american kiribati Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079723 

ok i just did it
i was about to call you tizi and tell you to spread your butthole
but then i thought, maybe tizi doesn't like being sexually harassed
maybe it makes tizi feel bad
and i didn't do it

Germany the german leafcuck Berlin, Berlin  No.3079737 +1 

That was a very wholesome post, thanks!

Germany the german janitor Berlin, Berlin  No.3079738 

roy fat

United States the american pepe garrison Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079743 

Slovenia the slovene gwen Vrhnika, Vrhnika  No.3079747 

File: 1595797215160.mp4 (13.51 MB, 1920x948, CPqstwhRAp.mp4) ImgOps Google

Luxembourg the luxembourger newfag Luxembourg, Luxembourg  No.3079741 +1 [Reply]

File: 1595790706126.jpg (364.14 KB, 409x600, 6496_2017-12-27-19-44-10.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german cal Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079730 [Reply]

bought off brand smacks theyre based

United States the american pleb Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079731 

you can buy plain unsweetened puffed wheat and it tastes good too

Germany the german norgebosniak Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079732 

but its expensive

United States the american cohen Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079734 

why would it be more expensive than sweetened puffed wheat

Germany the german radan Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079735 

because its sold in wholefood shops or under supermarkets wholefoodbrands and sugar is the cheapest shit ever

United States the american bronze gentleman Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079736 

File: 1595791880207.mp4 (99.53 KB, 492x360, oh ok.mp4) ImgOps Google

File: 1595746498962.jpg (25.95 KB, 304x329, 9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german behindert Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079659 +2 [Reply]

helicopters can fly in rain

Japan the japanese normalfag Tokyo, Tokyo  No.3079662 +2 

helicopters can't fly high.
so i can’t go to the top of mt fuji by it.

Germany the german nerd Berlin, Berlin  No.3079690 +1 

File: 1595771910489.png (4.13 KB, 600x200, Oekaki.png) ImgOps Google

Germany the german witzig junge Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079691 +2 

File: 1595772874729.jpg (30.22 KB, 500x372, 9768076_orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

du fotze

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079700 

I once saw someone flying a homemade helicopter when I was a kid. It was a red box frame, like a rectangular go-kart. I never saw it again.

Argentina the argentine mammal Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires  No.3079733 

But most drones can't

Science, explain?

Germany the german virgin Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079726 [Reply]

simon says do the harlem shake

Turkey the turkish bateman Didim, Aydin  No.3079663 +1 [Reply]

welcome to the incel academy

Germany the german roy Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079664 


United States the american idiot retard Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079680 

I'll be teaching the class today

United Kingdom Pika Girl in the Poké World Manchester, England  No.3079725 +2 

chennai the jannitor

File: 1595325071573.png (78.62 KB, 298x253, 1593463679147.png) ImgOps Google

United States Operation Norwood (massive cuckold spotted) Center Moriches, New York  No.3079336 [Reply]

Yesterday was Dia del Indio Lempira.
I hope you enjoyed it.
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Germany the german unkler Berlin, Berlin  No.3079452 +2 

no it means that shitley should end his life

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079713 

File: 1595783839455.jpg (81.99 KB, 720x900, 1594920558547.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I saved a shirley tier image
r8 it

I started Duolingo the other day and realized my German went to shit so I need to practice more but I have other things I want to learn at the same time and I still need to clean and do other things and other things because there is not enough time in a day and I hate it.

Germany the german hotshot Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079715 

pretty good day tbh

United States x0x_LonelyWolf_x0x Redmond, Washington  No.3079717 

hi shirley

Finland the finnish steve rambo Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.3079718 +2 

max boot shartley

File: 1595642647567.jpg (21.15 KB, 542x602, yXMJY2S_d.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Brazil Lori (massive cuckold spotted) Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.3079595 +5 [Reply]

when threat boy roy coats etc try to get you into baseball by dragging you to MBL playoffs but instead of learning how it works you keep showing them 4chan sp drawings on how to improve it until their patience runs out and you start screaming like a little girl at the slight sign of aggression even though they havent done anything to you yet
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United States the american horse rapist Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079649 

how would you know it's a cringecord moment??

Turkey the turkish douglas Istanbul, Istanbul  No.3079650 

i told him

United States the american akainu Southaven, Mississippi  No.3079651 

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079703 

I once watched hockey on youtube and thought I should go to the hockey because hockey tickets are cheap as shit but then covid cucked the city so now I will never go to the Canada simulator building.

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079714 

*clap clap clap*

Germany the german lola Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079669 [Reply]

its raining again epic summer dudes

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079712 


File: 1595754283101-0.jpg (126.86 KB, 900x900, Hydrangea paniculata 'Silv….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1595754283101-1.jpg (329.26 KB, 1000x667, 01-16827-hydrangea-panicul….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german livebunkerer Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079665 [Reply]

which do you think is more cool in your opinion silver dollar® or limelight®
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Germany the german oblivious hussy Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079683 

excuse me?

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079702 

File: 1595781632907.jpg (97.68 KB, 850x510, monkey ponder.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I don't know…

Germany the german sissy hunter Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079705 

think i take silver dollar®

United States Monster Girl Redmond, Washington  No.3079707 

File: 1595782446061-0.jpg (1.61 MB, 1280x1280, Large_Nikko_Blue_Hydrangea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1595782446061-1.jpg (161.6 KB, 750x600, Hydrangea macrophylla Blue….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I like the blue ones.

Germany the german rex's owner Frankfurt am Main, Hessen  No.3079710 

already have the one on the right

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