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/meta/ - Metawhining (2 readers)


Estonia the estonian lola Tallinn, Harjumaa  No.1212 +2 [Reply]

The fuck is wrong with this place? It seems every fucking time I'm few days away the mods go in full jew mode. Am I the only bastion keeping the waves of babylon from wrecking havoc on peaceful pastures of /int/? Am I the lone vanguard to keep an eye on the forest road of which lurks the bandit and the vandal?
Personally, I think yes.
Dice rollRolled 1d10. Result: 2.

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.1213 +2 

Bronnen was never supposed to be a place where you try to act exactly like the opposite of KC and neither an uninteresting, unfunny and boring spam sea just because 5 faggots want the board to be like this.
Spammers are a minority, but they always do whatever they want because we don't even have real mods in the board, for the fuck sake, spam is banned everywhere in the internet, EVERYWHERE, isn't KC exclusivity. You are just an autistic piece of shit projecting your own mentality in everybody who complains about your behavior, you are wrong, you know why and keep arguing with you is senseless, you don't have a fucking point and every single move of yours is the same repetitive childish pattern motivated by your stupidity and your affirmative need because you feel "smarter" than us LE EPIC TROLLING MAKING US LE MAD.

Brazil D !oXNe7dlWpc Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro  No.1224 

I stopped reading at you are
You wrote all this?

Germany the german aids boy (massive cuckold spotted) Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.1217 +1 [Reply]

Add a function to Filter out posts made by a custom countryball I beg on railroad

Brazil D !oXNe7dlWpc Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro  No.1223 

this would be against the legacy of this place, its a useful function

File: 1552425973699.png (254.27 KB, 750x146, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

United Kingdom IM HALF YANDERE!yHewato8KQ Manchester, England  No.1199 +8 [Reply]


Finland the finnish nippr daemon Turku, Varsinais-Suomi  No.1216 


United Kingdom Wishing You Were Here!yHewato8KQ Hatfield, England  No.1218 

Dice rollRolled d20-1. Result: 3.

Brazil D !oXNe7dlWpc Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro  No.1222 


United Kingdom the british smell Oxford, England  No.1016 +17 [Reply]

ban all alt-shites
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Sweden yes Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1018 +10 

mods don't do it is peaceful ethnic cleansing really that objectionable

Netherlands the dutch tree hugger  No.1071 +7 

all mods are undercover alt-shites

United States guidisimo Trenton, New Jersey  No.1079 +7 

ban conspiratards as well

Finland the finnish rex's owner Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.1198 

ok I will

United States craichead (massive cuckold spotted) Center Moriches, New York  No.1221 +3 

I ponder about how this post aged

United States 4chan user named prime minister fac Center Moriches, New York  No.1219 [Reply]

I'll post this here so I don't forget about it
Perhaps I'll even jerk off to it
You don't know that

File: 1550186103512-0.gif (34.81 KB, 1280x768, 1362345216.rowlandsaable1_….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1550186103512-1.jpg (2.83 KB, 77x75, 1362345216.rowlandsaable1_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Canada radical furry supremacist Calgary, Alberta  No.1183 [Reply]

very important petition to change my haploball
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Canada autistic retard Calgary, Alberta  No.1203 


Canada the canadian roy Calgary, Alberta  No.1205 


United States chubby puppo rater Palmer, Alaska  No.1206 +1 


Canada the canadian rick Calgary, Alberta  No.1207 

are you here to sign my petiton

Iceland the icelandic hussy Mosfellsbaer, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.1215 


File: 1556192768878.jpg (108.75 KB, 1156x701, so_happy_together__by_icek….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Estonia the estonian bateman Tallinn, Harjumaa  No.1214 +2 [Reply]

shirley removed me from xer friends list
Dice rollRolled Rated 5/5. Result: 0.6.

United Kingdom the british rex's owner Ellesmere, England  No.1211 [Reply]

Unban me gay retard

Japan 横浜駅 Kushiro, Hokkaido  No.917 +5 [Reply]

what shold i do go to?

Netherlands the dutch incel  No.980 +6 


Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1005 

hylo shit pin

Japan the japanese pissbottle drinker Tokyo, Tokyo  No.1210 +1 


File: 1489647014833.png (1.64 MB, 3277x2135, what-did-you-sayed...png) ImgOps Google

Germany secret council corners  No.45 +2 [Reply]

how cum some users have geococks but i have none?

me castrated betacuck watching cbronned from the closet

Greece Proxy the greek claire Nea Alikarnassos, Kriti  No.1190 +1 

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.1209 +2 

United States the american numale Minneapolis, Minnesota  No.1208 +1 [Reply]


Russian Federation the russian rex Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.1124 +15 [Reply]

add /vastra/

United Kingdom the british roy orbison London, England  No.1175 +5 [Reply]

petition to change nigger, nigga, nibba, nippr, n-word to "n'wah"

United States the american oblivious hussy Bowling Green, Kentucky  No.1178 +8 

nyaa instead

Canada radical furry supremacist Calgary, Alberta  No.1181 +2 

i support this

Italy the italian leafcuck Torino, Piemonte  No.1201 +2 


Brazil classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Brasilia, Distrito Federal  No.1023 +17 [Reply]

petition for mods to receive minimum wage

Sweden the swedish natsoc gfur Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1024 +15 

Petition to remove all mods

United States my petition Fresno, California  No.1069 +12 

rename bronnen to more appropriate "niggerchan"

Palestine, State of the palestinian paintknight Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.1032 +3 

File: 1530483550042.mp4 (156.52 KB, 540x360, not a chance in hell.mp4) ImgOps Google

United States the american futanari Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.1033 +1 

petition to make me a mod

United States guidisimo Trenton, New Jersey  No.1080 +6 


Germany the german gayboy Darmstadt, Hessen  No.897 +203 [Reply]

unban anus
demod ben beaverton
upvote if you agree

Germany the german staffas Darmstadt, Hessen  No.901 +134 


Sweden Malmoe, Skane lan  No.913 +11 


United States Bradenton, Florida  No.1078 +12 


Bosnia and Herzegovina the bosnian baldcel Banja Luka, Republika Srpska  No.1166 +3 

100th upvote get

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