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/meta/ - Metawhining ( readers)


United Kingdom the british soya dad London, England  No.1015 [Reply]

ban me
i dont like any of you

Sweden yes Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1019 +4 

happy birthday, hewat!

United Kingdom mac pilib :D Ballingry, Scotland  No.1021 

im still bloody here
Dice rollRolled d20+1. Result: 12.

United States the american dungeon master Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.1013 [Reply]

make me a mod

File: 1528431038002.jpg (169.47 KB, 654x368, aat.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States the american amber Cincinnati, Ohio  No.1012 +1 [Reply]

You have been visited by the moot of Dead Boards
If you are reading this message brave board traveler, then heed the following instruction;
Good luck and prosperity will come to you, but only if you repost this thread to 1 or more other dead board(s)

United Kingdom the british futacock  No.991 [Reply]

Unban me retards
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Canada Verified/Whitelisted Proxy the canadian brother North York, Ontario  No.998 

I never called him purley retard, that's extremely rude

United Kingdom the british krautchanner  No.999 


United States the american sonichu Seattle, Washington  No.1009 

is this krautchan?

United Kingdom the british csgo Harraby, England  No.1010 


United States the american hotshot Seattle, Washington  No.1011 

File: 1528099287984.jpg (75.18 KB, 478x482, unbelievable.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


United States the american behindert Portland, Oregon  No.1002 [Reply]

who are these new canadian/swedish/proxy schizos
there's so many of them

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1004 +1 

take a wild guess

United States the american alex jones Portland, Oregon  No.1006 

doesn’t fit roy posting style
it’s witty/insulting

i really am clueless unless it’s adam larping

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.985 +1 [Reply]


just sign my shit up for automatic upvoture of horsecock schizo posts

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1003 

[code] tags MUST override word filters

File: 1526896787932.jpg (23.78 KB, 300x300, loo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United Kingdom swallowman shill London, England  No.989 [Reply]

make chennai icon i beg

United Kingdom swallowman shill London, England  No.990 +1 

File: 1526897004861.png (19.69 KB, 84x84, poo.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1526864132588.png (445.45 KB, 1442x1536, Screenshot from 2018-05-21….png) ImgOps Google

Australia the australian lola Sydney, New South Wales  No.988 +1 [Reply]

United States the american horse Bellevue, Washington  No.987 [Reply]


Italy der general Milan, Lombardia  No.986 [Reply]


Italy Proxy the italian simian Milan, Lombardia  No.984 [Reply]

stop proxy oppression!

United Kingdom kill you'reselfes gaylords London, England  No.982 +1 [Reply]

merge the other adam smolinski icon to this account and remove the ip check
I want to be double adam

Netherlands the dutch mammal  No.981 [Reply]

make all text right to left like on chan.org.il

File: 1525713939225.png (95.25 KB, 586x456, ngo-tor-chan.png) ImgOps Google

Finland Version of vichan used by Bronnen the finnish chadcel Hyvinkaa, Uusimaa  No.973 +2 [Reply]

Hello, is the version of vichan used by Bronnen available anywhere on Github? I'm working for a NGO and we are going to create an experimental chan site to interact anonymously with drug users on the Tor network, which could use some features that have been added on Bronnen. Cheers =^_^=

United Kingdom the british anónimus  No.974 +7 

File: 1525744021121.jpeg (34.9 KB, 367x500, 2CD109AE-4420-46F8-8628-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google


Germany the german dogfucker Munich, Bayern  No.979 +2 

File: 1525948411385.mp4 (4.81 MB, 1280x720, lucas bailey triumvirate.mp4) ImgOps Google


Canada the canadian bluepilled cuck Montreal, Quebec  No.965 +1 [Reply]

That thread got me thinking:

why are IP's visible at all times? They should only be visible to admins when they need it. I've seen it happen numerous times when the mod posts a pic of his page and we see everyone's IP's

fix this please

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