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Bronnen will be shutting down!

The board has been dead for years.

Please try the successor boards - Mintboard and Staffas.

In a few months, Bronnen will automatically redirect to mintboard.org.

United States the american numale Minneapolis, Minnesota  No.1208 +1 [Reply]


Russian Federation the russian rex Podol'sk, Moskovskaya oblast'  No.1124 +15 [Reply]

add /vastra/

United Kingdom the british roy orbison London, England  No.1175 +5 [Reply]

petition to change nigger, nigga, nibba, nippr, n-word to "n'wah"

United States the american oblivious hussy Bowling Green, Kentucky  No.1178 +8 

nyaa instead

Canada radical furry supremacist Calgary, Alberta  No.1181 +2 

i support this

Italy the italian leafcuck Torino, Piemonte  No.1201 +2 


Brazil classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Brasilia, Distrito Federal  No.1023 +17 [Reply]

petition for mods to receive minimum wage

Sweden the swedish natsoc gfur Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1024 +15 

Petition to remove all mods

United States my petition Fresno, California  No.1069 +12 

rename bronnen to more appropriate "niggerchan"

Palestine, State of the palestinian paintknight Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.1032 +3 

File: 1530483550042.mp4 (156.52 KB, 540x360, not a chance in hell.mp4) ImgOps Google

United States the american futanari Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.1033 +1 

petition to make me a mod

United States guidisimo Trenton, New Jersey  No.1080 +6 


Germany the german gayboy Darmstadt, Hessen  No.897 +203 [Reply]

unban anus
demod ben beaverton
upvote if you agree

Germany the german staffas Darmstadt, Hessen  No.901 +134 


Sweden Malmoe, Skane lan  No.913 +11 


United States Bradenton, Florida  No.1078 +12 


Bosnia and Herzegovina the bosnian baldcel Banja Luka, Republika Srpska  No.1166 +3 

100th upvote get

Estonia the estonian gwen Paldiski, Harjumaa  No.1189 [Reply]

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.1182 +1 [Reply]

Petition to change the title of /cuck/ from Cuckery to Cuckoldry

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.1188 


United States the american mammal Cheyenne, Wyoming  No.1186 [Reply]

United States the american african american Cheyenne, Wyoming  No.1187 +1 

Pet Insurance | Nationwide is America's Best Pet Insurance

United States the american moronic twat New York City, New York  No.1180 [Reply]

This gay black furry is now the Lebron James of gaming

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.1027 +12 [Reply]

hello i'd like a loan of 100 upvotes

United States the american pissbottle drinker Elkridge, Maryland  No.1128 +1 

let's do it guys

United States the american kirinorway Saint Cloud, Minnesota  No.1165 +1 

Finland Proxy the finnish paintknight Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.1174 +1 

ok but in exchange i'm going to need to see some microcephaly pictures
Dice rollRolled 1d10. Result: 7.

Sweden krautchan reference yes Stockholm, Stockholms lan  No.1179 +2 [Reply]

wordfilter "cringe" to "bnetmod"

File: 1544316456810.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2248, IMG_9080.PNG) ImgOps Google

Canada Roy molested my horse the canadian chad Toronto, Ontario  No.1161 +5 [Reply]

Roy molested my horse

United States the american stablemaster Madison, Wisconsin  No.1172 +1 [Reply]

Turkey Many Rivers to Cross Ankara, Ankara  No.1171 +4 [Reply]

Can this post get 666 upvotes?

Germany not tizi Berlin, Berlin  No.1170 +3 [Reply]

I'm literally a minority in 1942 nazi germany

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