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United Kingdom drunk forgetter Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees  No.785 [Reply]

whenever i send someone a link to a thread on bronnen they say they need to log in

how come i dont have eto log in

Netherlands the dutch gamer  No.787 +2 

post your credit card numbers so we can set your friends up too

Israel the israeli bearmode Herzliya, Tel Aviv  No.788 

United Kingdom drunk forgetter Glasgow, Glasgow City  No.791 

File: 1513715277085.jpg (37.54 KB, 500x375, mfw waiting the happening ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Israel the israeli gamergater Herzliya, Tel Aviv  No.792 

was something not clear jack??
Dice rollRolled 100d100+100d100+100d100. Result: 15574.

United Kingdom drunk forgetter Lancaster, Lancashire  No.794 

File: 1513820646604.jpg (10.96 KB, 236x236, shark looker face.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Canada The Real IRA Kingston, Ontario  No.793 +1 [Reply]


Australia Friday stresi removal the australian pilotboy Dulwich Hill, New South Wales  No.786 +2 [Reply]

ban all worshipping 1 week ban

permaban roy

the whole catalog is flooded with vag*na worshippe threads

Brazil random brazilian poster Sao Paulo  No.772 +5 [Reply]

petition for the reader counter at /int/ to always say 31 readers

United States the american beşiktaş Chicago, Illinois  No.780 +1 

petition for this number to be made 28 readers

Brazil classic putin Brasília, Federal District  No.778 +2 [Reply]

make a /worship/ board for vagiworshippers (bronnen's number 1 persecuted minority)

United Kingdom random british poster Purley, Croydon  No.765 +2 [Reply]

prevent americans from using the hideloc feature

United States minimum wage american Pompano Beach, Florida  No.776 +2 


United States Best regards - Jonne!T.BrJ.mqrQ Brooklyn, New York  No.261 +3 [Reply]

change it from /meta/ to /selfcrit/
thank you

United States Best regards - Jonne!T.BrJ.mqrQ Brooklyn, New York  No.775 


United States Excremento Antelope, California  No.773 +1 [Reply]

make me a mod

United States "ron" Wasilla, Alaska  No.763 +2 [Reply]

Why does orbot not allow on here

United States "ron" Wasilla, Alaska  No.764 +2 


Brazil  No.461 +4 [Reply]

make me a mod thank you
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Brazil  No.686 

i beg on airas caldera

Brazil  No.711 


Brazil  No.745 


United States guido joon  No.748 

mod lori

United States Ron Wasilla, Alaska  No.755 

Mod Lori

Germany random german poster  No.747 +8 [Reply]




United States random american poster  No.739 +1 [Reply]

make a 140 character per post limit

United States random american poster Culver City, California  No.744 +3 

all posts automatically uploaded to twitter
>zuckerberg starts orbiting roy and banning things roy doesn't like
<rt posts horsecock continuously anyway

lol owned

United States Culver City, California  No.743 +1 [Reply]

there should be a board for roy to post on during those brief periods of time when he has left forever
/thistimethey'llreallybesorry/ or some such

File: 1509997151999.png (410.17 KB, 500x568, tipper.png) ImgOps Google

United Kingdom zinger Cowdenbeath, Fife  No.736 [Reply]

ideas for bronnen

1. voice activated reply eg. see horse thread say "roy", you post "roy"

2. random bsrs replace any and all images, even bsr pics

three) guido jogns thoughts are autoplayed throughout the day, even when he is sleeping

United Kingdom Anarchist Cat Owner Cowdenbeath, Fife  No.738 +2 

iv. Default YOLO posting (cannot be deactivated)

United Kingdom Newbury, West Berkshire  No.742 


United States random american poster Scottsdale, Arizona  No.737 +1 [Reply]

upvote this thread every time roy goes staffas and starts spamming again

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