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A place for aspiring Bronncoin Billionaires.

Netherlands the dutch incel  No.400 [Reply]

Bronnen.net ICO
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Brazil c̸̛̛̈͂̒̏̓̎͒̈͂̍̔̓̊̀͋͋͂̊́̒̏̑́̾̿́͘͘͠͝ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.411 

i was actually thinking about using the blockchain system to create some kind of online market where people exchange their services and products online with each other
it actually have nothing to do with shitcoins besides the fact that it is going to use blockchain technology

Netherlands the dutch spook  No.414 

thanx for the idea brother filing copyright right as we speak

Brazil c̸̛̛̈͂̒̏̓̎͒̈͂̍̔̓̊̀͋͋͂̊́̒̏̑́̾̿́͘͘͠͝ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.415 

there are other ideas like that online
what makes mine different i didnt tell you :P

Austria the austrian rick Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.419 

where can i buy your tokens im all in lets go junge

Brazil c̸̛̛̈͂̒̏̓̎͒̈͂̍̔̓̊̀͋͋͂̊́̒̏̑́̾̿́͘͘͠͝ Recife, Pernambuco  No.454 

Releasing an ICO for such project is going to be really stupid and make me look like a scammer
Better raise some money from interested sponsors first

Canada gibbon Georgina Island, Ontario  No.385 [Reply]

buy more wood

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.406 

alright unzip

United Kingdom the british avian  No.429 +2 

wood please

United States jooninho Elkridge, Maryland  No.439 +1 


Canada gibbon Georgina Island, Ontario  No.449 

Austria the austrian douglas Vienna, Wien  No.421 [Reply]

looks appealing to normans
drop 1-2 eth on it?
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Austria the austrian cbronnenite Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.434 

thots on napoleon x
norwegian cryptostables guy shilled me on it

Netherlands the dutch bateman  No.435 



let me redpill you on ICOs/new crypto projects/ etc . . .

crypto is a bubble, anyone with half a brain already knows that
remember the dotcom crash? towards the beginning of the end you had the most retarded brainless startups popping up in ameri, think dog food delivery bike courriers via email and so on

same goes for crypto

you have a million little ICOs and new coins appearing every month, but the ones that are worth long term investing in are probably less than 50
the investors who bought AMZN and GOOG early on made a shitload of money, the majority of bsrs who bought in hyped up shitstocks not so much

investing in crypto is not so different from playing with real stocks, you look at the team, who they are, how qualified, past projects, what companies they used to work for, the returns of these companies. you look at the technical specs of the coin, who endorses it (governments=good), what problems they solve, what marketing model they use (shilling on forums and social media=very bad)
you have to imagine a detailed picture of how the world will be in a few years and how one project or another would fit in this picture, this is taking into account geopol, future economic downturns or upturns, how lawmakers would react to come shitcoins' business model becoming mainstream . . .

in the end you make a large excel spreadsheet and map which projects are the most promising and you invest ONLY in those

you can't jump in the next hyped-up dogecoin based only on what's written on their javascript homepage

>bro, you need t o see this nigga ! check out this new coin i heard about it;s gonna be be big i swear big money is gonna pour in: https://they.love.thelights.io

this is a conservative approach so you don't end up wasting your hard-earned money in a million hard to keep track of little projects that will amount to nothing.
sure a useless shitcoin could moon this week and you would hold me accountable for advising you not to drop some money on it, but what are the odds/how can you predict it/what are your returns if that's ur long-term investment strategy? that's pretty much gambling at this point
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Canada the canadian kekistani Montreal, Quebec  No.436 

if the CEO is not a tech guy

I don't even look in that direction

Canada the canadian funny cat Montreal, Quebec  No.437 

IF they're doing more than one thing(at this stage)

No touch

Austria the austrian shemale Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.442 +2 

wtf that link doesnt work how do i buy in??

India the indian pmf Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.341 [Reply]


Netherlands the dutch vaginigger  No.342 



it gonna double bottom

then only up from there

$25k end of february

it was following the june 2017 pattern

zoom out the graph and enable log scale you'll see what i mean

can't go lower than this

i'll literally kms if it does because i'll get liquidated

Finland Proxy birthdays by hewat Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.380 

technical analysis and predicting patterns aren't real bro

File: 1517804684027.jpg (150.41 KB, 961x655, 1517644849237.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Austria the austrian einor hugji Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.371 [Reply]


Netherlands the dutch women's pussy Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  No.372 

crashing is good

Germany the german kermode Reinbek, Schleswig-Holstein  No.364 +2 [Reply]

buy low; sell lower

Canada the canadian hacker Cornwall, Ontario  No.369 +1 


Netherlands the dutch claire  No.348 [Reply]


also didn't seem to go down further so i put my long @ $8400 :DDD

thinkin of closing it tho

could go down again

Netherlands the dutch drumpf  No.349 

when you mess up your reply, epic style

Austria the austrian bing bing wahoo Vienna, Wien  No.350 

what kind of verification process did u go through

Netherlands the dutch cohen  No.351 

none lmao

i made my account years ago

just deposited some btc i got from an ATM

you do need to give personal info for tether $$ and €€ withdrawals, but i don't intend to cash out that way

also they apparently require new registrants to deposit $10k worth of currency minimum for their account to be activated

big boy playground for the most staffas (good) traders only

Austria the austrian kermode Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.363 

>also they apparently require new registrants
hehe nigger
maybe it better not to dabble in margin trading for small brained retards like me anyways

United States the american bug chaser Portland, Oregon  No.322 [Reply]

i put all of my money in a bottle and threw it into the ocean for safe keeping
when can i expect returns

Austria the austrian telejerker Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.333 


Netherlands the dutch lola  No.321 [Reply]

me longing btc with 3x leverage :DD

Finland carpets by bothnia Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.323 

nigga why
Dice rollRolled 0.999999999999999999999=1. Result: True.

Norway the norwegian schizo (massive cuckold spotted) Bergen, Hordaland  No.326 

btc is balding dying legacy tech

why man why

Netherlands the dutch sfur aficionado  No.328 

got scared so i closed the position :DD

lost 4.7% :DD

United States truck driver hard balls Cincinnati, Ohio  No.329 


t. drumpf

United States truck driver hard balls (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.330 

it's a store of value like gold

both are driven almost entirely by investment demand

Austria the austrian junge Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.281 [Reply]

me the 300k eth sell wall @ cnd
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Norway the norwegian thirster Bergen, Hordaland  No.314 


Austria Proxy the austrian adnan Vienna, Wien  No.315 

yes :DD

Austria the austrian hiv carrier Vienna, Wien  No.317 +1 

fucl off with ur meme grandpa currency

Finland carpets by bothnia Tampere, Pirkanmaa  No.324 

making predictions out of patterns is not real

technical analysis is also not real
Dice rollRolled 0.999999999999999999999=1. Result: True.

United States truck driver hard balls (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.327 

excellent post
you one of the niggas that bought the snap ipo because its a solid company with a popular product

United States San Clemente, California  No.290 +1 [Reply]

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United States San Clemente, California  No.305 

learn some patience and proper time management skills child..

United States San Clemente, California  No.306 

gb2 kc/4cocks/pol mr capitalist swine

Brazil the brazilian kid napper Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.307 

United States San Clemente, California  No.310 

Brazil the brazilian inflation fetishist Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.311 +1 

File: 1516921440778.mp4 (64.61 KB, 480x360, WHAT.mp4) ImgOps Google

Denmark pomfritteren Copenhagen, Hovedstaden  No.261 [Reply]

just checked my blockfolio after forcefully not checking up on current crypto news for almost a month

why did i buy @ all time high

United States the american newfag Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.262 +2 

File: 1516930571194.jpg (285.74 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_8394.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Netherlands the dutch inflation fetishist Diemen, Noord-Holland  No.309 +1 


United States the american baldcel (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.299 [Reply]

if it wasn't for the tremendous red tape you have to go through to buy crypto today i would've put on a long $3k bitcoin position at 20k

thank g*d for bureacracy

Norway the norwegian nippr daemon Bergen, Hordaland  No.300 +1 

what tremendous amount of red tape schizo

it's literally just wire money to a bank account

United States the american opfer Cincinnati, Ohio  No.302 

i tried to deposit with debit and it wouldn't let me so i gave up

Canada the canadian neurotypical Montreal, Quebec  No.303 

who says you have to go through an exchange

United States the american rick (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.304 

it would take days for me to get the cash for localbitcoin and i was trying to do the market timing meme

Netherlands the dutch bougie chad  No.271 [Reply]

just lost all my money lmao

tell me what coins i should take a loan to invest in lol
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Norway the norwegian pizza Bergen, Hordaland  No.277 

look at this nigga smiling like he has coaxed millions of people into a memecoin

Austria the austrian whiny emo faggot Vienna, Wien  No.278 

he is incredibly chinkpilled
btw the bitconnect people started advertising a new ico on yt
it so lol

Norway the norwegian chadcel (massive cuckold spotted) Bergen, Hordaland  No.279 +1 

loool they use the some of the same devs?

what's it called

if there's no carlos
i can't buy

Austria the austrian csgo Vienna, Wien  No.280 

i forgot but its somwhere on reddit

United States (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.286 

me the nigga who shorted btc futures at 20k

File: 1517117595134-0.png (277.71 KB, 1788x720, 1517086334434.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1517117595134-1.png (448.07 KB, 1055x726, 1517086428941.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1517117595135-2.png (135.59 KB, 1457x312, 1517086496481.png) ImgOps Google

Netherlands the dutch kid sucker Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  No.274 +2 [Reply]

reminds me the time when i was staffas

United States John Redcorn Miami, Florida  No.275 

costanza is one of those reaction images that never got stale

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