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A place for aspiring Bronncoin Billionaires.

Norway the norwegian pederast (massive cuckold spotted) Bergen, Hordaland  No.207 +1 [Reply]

does it get more pathetic than a numale 8-bit game where you spend up to 500 dollars for a thirty pixel sword

Brazil the brazilian orbi Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.214 

its the same shit as team fortress 2 and cs:go

File: 1516505274442.jpg (221.15 KB, 1780x923, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Canada the canadian house burner Montreal, Quebec  No.201 [Reply]

test landing page was a success (well technically 75% of requirements were fulfilled)

tonight we stay in and plan our week

Norway the norwegian lund swede Bergen, Hordaland  No.203 

could you give some backstory?

Austria the austrian avian Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.204 +1 

bronnen ICO lets go junge

Canada the canadian bhenchod Montreal, Quebec  No.205 

File: 1516217272757.png (764.21 KB, 1410x1145, 1516164156254.png) ImgOps Google

Austria the austrian diaperfur fetishist Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.171 [Reply]

boys how we doing
thought for a second today about pulling some out but heck that
put almost 2eth more into xlm, req, rlc, bat and ven (from my sold kcs)
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Austria the austrian mudžahid Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.185 

File: 1516297323919.jpg (37.32 KB, 932x366, Unbenannt.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

hurry up nigger

Austria the austrian bearmode Vienna, Wien  No.191 

ok no coss for puppypig
what a shit exchabge lol
had to switch browsers to cancel order cuz the lil x was broken

Austria the austrian only 96 Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.197 

File: 1516460465086.jpg (1.48 MB, 1436x1674, 1516448873543.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

things ive did doned today: moved money into monaco (mco) hoping they will launch their debit cards sometime next 1-2 years so i can pay with meme coins
more rlc
still waiting on my tokens from the LH ico
krinsch verification call but now i can actually sell my lolcoins for fiat

Norway the norwegian elagabalus Bergen, Hordaland  No.200 

good day
i'm feeling serious fomo about VEN… thinken of selling something @ a loss to get in, but it's stupid

tell me when u get ur lhcoins (i've not gotten any referals yet lool)

how is a verification call lol
do they just ask "are you X" and you go "yeah"

Austria the austrian vaginigger Ennsdorf, Niederosterreich  No.202 

>fomo about VEN
yeye i get that, i feel like we're at the same stage as ICX now, swining around 6-10$. official main net launch is in february rn its all reddit shills and hype because >anounced partnerships.
it will go down again to 6 then we buy some more
>tell me when u get ur lhcoins (i've not gotten any referals yet lool)
well it says in FAQ to wait at least 48 hours, im at 49 and have just sent a ticket axing where my shit at so hehe
>how is a verification call lol
hello this is call center peon, please state your name and passport number, now hold passport into camera until i say no more.
ok now ur verified

Norway the norwegian kid rater Bergen, Hordaland  No.199 +2 [Reply]


recording sexual consent by blockchain ledgering

whos up 4 this

File: 1516374152435.jpg (19.03 KB, 678x381, 1516368739705.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

United States Proxy the american kirinorway Wilmington, Delaware  No.189 +4 [Reply]

HORSE is an ETH betting platform in the form of a 3 way horse race. Why would anyone bet on a coin on HORSE instead of just buying the coin directly? Here is why;

Here's a scenario :

(Example race with BTC, ETH, and XRP) You have $1,000 and think BTC will do well soon.

-Put $1,000 into BTC

-BTC goes up 10%

-You’ve made 10% profit


-Bet on BTC in the race

-For an even split, you’ll have odds of 2:1

-BTC wins race

-You win (just under) $2,000

-Profit: (just under) 200%

you have the chance to make a lot of money very quickly. Not to mention that even if BTC went down, if it still beat ETH and XRP, you would still win the bet, but you would lose money had you invested in the coin. With 5% of each betting pool going to HORSE token holders as dividends, and with wide adoption of ETHorse since many will see it as a way to hedge crypto markets, and with HORSE market cap being so tiny, this all adds up to a probable 5x-10x to start.
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Israel the israeli madarchod Holon, Tel Aviv  No.192 +1 

roy: tell me more

Norway the norwegian futanari Bergen, Hordaland  No.194 

star fox tier low poly cryptoanimals like metamask interests me…

Israel the israeli stem masterrace Jerusalem, Yerushalayim  No.196 +4 

roy: tell me mare

India the indian madarchod Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.162 +1 [Reply]

Bitcoin will go to 100K this year end. Buy bitches.

It came from few cents when an Idiot paid 10K BTC to buy two fucking Pizzas.

And then it dipped from 1000 USD to half the price.

Now it went close to 20K and now it's 10K. This is consolidation(not fear).

Hodlers know that this is the right time to buy more.
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United States Tusayan, Arizona  No.169 

what the fuck does that even mean

United States Tusayan, Arizona  No.170 

>This is consolidation(not fear).


United States the american haraldúr Miami, Florida  No.172 

hodl yourself pajeet

Canada leader of the incel-right Georgina Island, Ontario  No.187 +1 

bitcoin is worth nothing in my mind
and the mind is the only place bitcoin is real

Norway the norwegian cam fapper Nesoddtangen, Akershus  No.188 

what if I told you trees have no intrinsic value

United States the american mobileposter Chicago, Illinois  No.186 [Reply]


Canada The Real IRA Kingston, Ontario  No.181 +1 [Reply]


File: 1516203097246.png (35.03 KB, 1218x476, cb.png) ImgOps Google

Germany Hamburg, Hamburg  No.167 [Reply]

rate coinbase

other competitors out there?

how do you keep your shit secure?

20 character password?

Norway the norwegian milcel Bergen, Hordaland  No.168 

it's shit but fast


2 factor (use authenticator or your phone)

India Don't Buy Bitcoin. It's Going To Crash!!! the indian hideloc american Chennai, Tamil Nadu  No.165 [Reply]

File: 1516143698109.jpg (152.72 KB, 651x405, me bitter laugh before dea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german tyson mike (massive cuckold spotted) Munich, Bayern  No.145 +1 [Reply]

got mail about technical interview with some dude from the scam startup ive been flirting

the name of the guy sounded too… familiar…

i searched me emails.. its my current boss' friend he introduced me to few months ago..

just hoyly fuck man…

Germany the german samir34 Kerpen, Rheinland-Pfalz  No.150 +1 

so its just a small, international band of rapacious numales who's behind this startup phenomenon

Brazil the brazilian inflation fetishist Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.151 

theyre just the tip of the iceberg

Israel the israeli women worshipper Holon, Tel Aviv  No.155 

will bossman get angre w/ ur flirting w/ his friend ?_?

Germany the german patrik fridén Munich, Bayern  No.157 

dont think so, im not even sure they'll hire me full-time when i graduate

but its definitely awkward and makes me look greedy

the community and the city is huge but i guess the numales are tightly connectedf

Australia the australian anime pro  No.129 +6 [Reply]

theft prevention in the pizza manufacturing and delivery industries

Germany the german paintknight Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen  No.156 

First and most important step:dont hire Solomon carter

United States (massive cuckold spotted) Cincinnati, Ohio  No.154 +1 [Reply]

invest in bump fire stocks before they get essentially banned like machine guns (they will)

United States John Redcorn Richardson, Texas  No.149 [Reply]

dead board

Israel the israeli naked wtf Holon, Tel Aviv  No.68 [Reply]

studying golang

x3k will you touch me now
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Israel the israeli mammal Holon, Tel Aviv  No.119 

we need variety for upcoming international bronnen startup birader

Brazil the brazilian burger flipper Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.120 

there are some good shared hostings out there, the problem is that the most popular ones are shit

but i would choose at least a vps to run a deadboard because of its questionable content

Israel the israeli bougie chad Holon, Tel Aviv  No.121 

why all devkev numales code on a Mac

Japan ANUSOID Kumamoto, Kumamoto  No.134 

Unix + hardware support

Brazil the brazilian witzig junge Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.146 


sounds pretty interesting, but not very practical

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