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this man? a virgin? LOL

File: 1532373011232.mp3 (83.2 KB, 383x481, down syndrome mode activat….mp3) ImgOps Google

United Kingdom the british hacker London, England  No.4646 +2 

about 90 mins ago i asked qt if she's busy tomorrow but no reply yet

i cant do wednesday on acount of me watching me nefew
nd thursday to sunday im in notts
i really wanna c her again b4 i go to notts

United Kingdom the british roy London, England  No.4647 

this has EVERYTHING to do with dbz

Lithuania the lithuanian reptillian Kaunas, Kauno apskritis  No.4653 +1 

make this thread about dbz or i will report it to the mods

United Kingdom the british pmf London, England  No.4654 +1 

okay Chi Chi agreed to meet me Wednesday
but I have to go see Vegeta and give him his birthday present that day so im going to be running across Namek like a fool all day

Lithuania the lithuanian rex Kaunas, Kauno apskritis  No.4655 +2 

dragon ball super sounds like shit

United Kingdom the british spscarter London, England  No.4656 

didnt watch

Canada the canadian kid sucker Utterson, Ontario  No.4659 +1 


United Kingdom the british numale (massive cuckold spotted) London, England  No.4660 

i am no longer required to look after me nefew on wednesday due to his mum's parents taking him for some family party or w/e
so i will see the qt on wednesday
all went well :3

yeah yeah i get it
i dont post here

Lithuania the lithuanian natsoc gfur Kaunas, Kauno apskritis  No.4661 

refugees welcome

Sweden Vastra Goeteborg, Vastra Gotalands lan  No.4670 


United Kingdom the british drumpf London, England  No.4687 

seeing the qt in 7 hours
im drinkin kofi even when i hate it cos i cannot sleep and i dont wanna look dishevelled (inb4 u always do)

Sweden Vastra Goeteborg, Vastra Gotalands lan  No.4692 

pix of cutie

United Kingdom the british 4channer London, England  No.4694 

i think i posted her pic once
but i shant do that

United Kingdom mac pilib :D Hilgay, England  No.4709 

had a few drinks with her in a cafe nd chatted shit for an hour
Im feeling edified
But now i want mare drink lol
I think ill stop off at pub for a few more gins
Dice rollRolled d20+1. Result: 19.

Spain the spanish meat toilet Coria, Extremadura  No.4710 +4 

ok but have you tried based krautchan for advice

United Kingdom the british baldcel London, England  No.4711 +2 

okay but have you ever dropped the layers of irony

Croatia the croatian sissy Pozega, Pozesko-slavonska zupanija  No.4713 


United Kingdom the british ntgger London, England  No.4727 +1 

the qt wants to go for drinks some time soon

she also wants me to text her when i arrive safely in nottingham :S

United Kingdom mac pilib :D London, England  No.4839 

seeing her again today hopefully
Dice rollRolled d20+1. Result: 4.

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