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United States Based Obama Richardson, Texas  No.3359 +2 

whats wrong with me? lmao an unemployed destitute overweight mendicant high school dropout minimum wage part time pizza delivery driver doesn't approve of my lifestyle, how awful.
i wonder if roy is so fat the he take the electric cart on pizza deliveries and rides it to the delivery location after parking his mom's minivan w/ retard/fatso ramp on the side for dangerously obese crippled fuckups.


>oh no, someone posted something i don't like!

>if u don't delete all posts i don't like and ban everyone i tell u to then i leave forever
>i'm gonna run away and you can stop me!

lmao i'd hate to see what happens is someone takes roy's xbox, he'd freeze to death fast for sure, then we'd really be sorry


part time high school dropout pizza delivery minimum wage horsecock @stables posing with guns in the bathroom mirror fire red from unpaid internship meth smoking weed addict banned from utah kc poster my mom pays my rent for me gamer fatso fifty year old less successful than homosexual younger brother firehouse equine medical technician horsecock circumcision professional meme rabbi


well, well, well
what do we have here?


lets see some horsecock, buddy
can you see his dick?
he is taking a piss!

*neighs with pleasure*

i dont think we got the piss


United States the american witzig junge Richardson, Texas  No.3360 +1 

Reminds me of the time I was stables. Now me awaiting the police to bring me the sex offender notice and I have to neet around mom's ruins. Also I'm signed up for warehouse interview when I finish I may see a 14 year old instead of a 9 year old. It's a macabre waste of minimum savings to molest such an old lady but old roy needs to keep a low profile now.

United States Bxsed Obxma Richardson, Texas  No.3464 +1 

roy can u post and send penismassages on website ur permabannded from?
>oh yeah np, u can't stop me! t. roy gay voice
roy can you deliver a pizza in 30 minutes?
>*cricket noises and tumbleweeds*
>*neighing noises in the background*

Sweden yes Malmoe, Skane lan  No.3469 +1 


United States Based Obama Richardson, Texas  No.3557 

roy this would be a good opportunity for you to post more selfies in the bathroom with guns so that people think your tough and threatening and not a fat unemployed staffas retarded loser who lives with his grandma full time for three hundred dollar a month because his mom decided that the assisted living facility for adults with learning disabilities was too expensive and roy wasn't worth it. owned hard lol i guess thats what you get for burning her house down by accident instead of getting a job and not being an alcoholic drug addict loser who sucks pendulous equine penis and also eats his own shit and cum with gusto and enthusiasm.

United States Based Obama Richardson, Texas  No.3558 

Roy is trying to sell us the human cock transition(gay/trap sexual), don't fall for this, this nigga still sucks horse cocks(horse sexual).

United States the american speedrunner Richardson, Texas  No.3563 

that feel when every post u ever make is super popular and gets stickied automatically then sent to the louvre of memes for permeant storage but one crybaby sissy whiner minimum wage momma's boy jew retard high school dropout cuck who eats his own cum and shit gets really loud and angry and demands that ur epic posts get deleted and banned forever and even though everyone realizes how incredibly stupid and boring the nagger is xhe himself is too stupid to realized the nobody likes xem so instead the incessant complaining pointlessly continues unabated for eternity

United States Based Obama Richardson, Texas  No.3746 

look at solomon cohen's desperate attempt to draw attention to himself and forward the ridiculous illusion of himself as a normal heterosexual which everyone knows is fake. this after bragging about how he eats his own jizz and posting horsecock videos narrated with his own gay voice. what the fuck

Sweden yes Gislaved, Jonkopings lan  No.3747 


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