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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means

United States the american akainu Delhi, New York  No.3086703 

I can honestly say that I have never been so disgusted with someone in my entire life as I am with you. You have taken me to a place of anger and utter disdain that I never thought I could go or ever wanted to go. It is not a good place to be emotionally or physically so I am finally speaking up and standing up for my sister so I can get everything off my chest and get rid of you. So here goes…

I thought people like you only existed in nightmares and movies. Someone who could be so manipulative and self centered and truly see nothing wrong with their behavior. No one believed us when we told them about you, all the drama, and the “Danielle Show” as we for years have referred to you. It was no surprise to us that they were mortified when they met you and saw that you were real. Sad. It completely baffles me as to how you can tell so many lies and have a clear conscience. But then again if you tell a lie so many times you might start actually believing it. So maybe you really think you are right. Sad again. You twisted so many stories and fabricated so many lies. You continually try to make yourself out to be the victim like the world is out to get you. I have come to realize that many of your extravagant stories over the years and your many injuries are all a result of karma because what goes around comes around. After all the mess you pulled pertaining to ABBEY’S wedding, I would be scared to think about what karma might have in store for you.

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love and a lifelong commitment. You tried to make it a celebration of Danielle and all her “greatness”. It was supposed to be the most important day of Abbey’s life. O wait the most important day was reconciling with you and asking you to be a part of the wedding…hold on a minute…no that was the biggest MISTAKE of Abbey’s life which she fully regrets now. I cannot believe you were actually devastated that Abbey asked me, her sister, to stand beside her during the ceremony. Read that line again…STAND BESIDE HER. Perhaps one day you will realize how childish that is to be upset over. It is ridiculous and petty to reduce the entire friendship between the two of you down to whether you got to stand next to her or not. It was not meant to be anything personal or a stab at you, but you of course the eternal victim made it out to be that way.

My family was completely embarrassed by your behavior towards our friends and loved ones. It is sad (yet again) that we would have to apologize for the way you conducted yourself. You were nothing less than absolutely horrible and condescending. Grow up you’re not that special. These were the same loved ones who were nothing short of helpful and supportive and shared in the joy on Abbey and Jason’s special day. You, however, were off sulking in a corner. It was about Abbey and Jason, not you. Any sane and descent human being would have put their pride aside for a time like this. My mother should have sent you home as she so desperately wanted to do when you showed up at our house after the beach. But her, being a big girl, decided it was not worth the drama and stress that this would have caused. She should have. It would have completely eliminated the stress the week before, the day of, the day after, and now.
I am proud to say that Abbey is my best friend which I would not be able to say several years ago. We were not always the kindest to each other growing up and I could be a difficult kid, which you so condescendingly reminded me of several times at Myrtle Beach and when you were in Raleigh reeking havoc on the wedding and our lives. I grew out of my immaturity, childish antics, and selfish behavior. You, however, never have and never will without the serious help from a psychiatrist which I doubt would even then be successful. You were never a friend to Abbey. She has always tried to look past your insanity and see the person you could be. She always thought one day you would grow up and realize the world is a bigger place than Danielle’s world. She was sorely mistaken. You do not deserve a friend as amazing as her, well even just a friend for that matter. If you treat all your “friends” as you have treated her then be prepared for a very lonely future. None of us are even sure how Kyle has dealt with you for 5 years. We have concluded that he is either a saint or crazier than you. He was extremely nice and normal so we assume the first explanation.
You will soon be receiving back the bachelorette “goodies” and other reminders of you and the monster you are and the stress and anger you have caused my family. Feel free to return them and pocket the change, as I am sure there is already a hefty stash from what you told daddy you “spent” towards the weekend. ($1000 dollars..come on now let’s be real) I will also be including the $5 I forgot that I owe you from dinner that Sunday night. ($2 to cover the rest of my bill and $3 you can consider a donation, processing fee, payment for your trouble) Now that I have spoken my peace and cleared my mind I am ecstatic my family and I will never have to deal with you again. You are in God’s hands now and he is forced to deal with you and your twisted ways. (Good luck God…even you’re going to need it)

Germany the german beanchad Berlin, Berlin  No.3086710 +1 

based kyle, a true alpha

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