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Brazil gym  No.80 +6 


starting strength


volume training (adjust weight to your 10 shaky rep max) (don't do this)



rippetoe teaches you how 2 barbell


all things BW if you can't hit the gym for whatever reason


keep track of your macros:


1g protein per pound/2.2g protein per kg to be safe, form is more important than weight etc etc

your body can absorb as much as protein as it needs in one sitting so dont let the whey people scam you

there is no shame in a 12 x 3 brosplit if you are a sedentary sissy who just started btw, you will most likely not be able to do stuff like pullups/chins/dips right off the bat so its better to let your sissy body adjust first so you wont get yourself killed trying big boy programs or neglect certain muscles

now stop bothering me eric

United States random american poster Portland, Oregon  No.83 +1 

thank you lori
thank you eric

i was thinking about weights down the road from this bodyweight program i’m on

Belarus Minsk, Minsk City  No.93 

thank u lori

Finland kill yourself..... Vaasa, Ostrobothnia  No.101 +7 

File: 1510914308573.jpg (161.64 KB, 921x768, diets.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

guide to deflating

Finland  kill yourself..... (massive cuckold spotted) Vaasa, Ostrobothnia  No.107 +5 

File: 1511445645796.jpg (120.31 KB, 700x936, 1468173692532.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

guide for bodyweight exercises

additional step: go back to /vir/

United States feasties San Antonio, Texas  No.134 +2 

tried low bar squat
felt really un-natural
re-evaluated my high bar form and depth
now I am squatting correctly but in order to reach full depth I had to decrease my lifts by about 50 lbs
feel super weak after all the time I took off from back injury and getting sick

United States Pompano Beach, Florida  No.137 +2 

eat every other day a few months to quickly deflate and shrink your stomach or water fast for a week once
i have yet to hear about any negatives to doing this

Portugal the portuguese virgin Lisbon, Lisboa  No.310 +2 

thanks lori

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