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Germany the german bluepilled cuck (massive cuckold spotted) Munich, Bayern  No.375 +4 

the <devkev> general #1

as requested by my good friend melodica brazil

Useful list of useful lists of resources:

Brazil piano brazil Santo Angelo, Rio Grande do Sul  No.384 +1 

Germany the german cohen Munich, Bayern  No.387 +1 

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i thought of what links to post but couldnt think of any so i left it to other devkevs but..
Dice rollRolled 100d[-1,1,2,-2,3,-3]+2000. Result: 2018.

Brazil c̸̛̛̈͂̒̏̓̎͒̈͂̍̔̓̊̀͋͋͂̊́̒̏̑́̾̿́͘͘͠͝ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.388 +1 

MIT 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python from MIT OCW:

You can look for other courses in computer science here:

Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist:

a lot of people that code and work with data science are using jupyter notebooks, you can download anaconda package and it come included with it:

if you want to browse some notebooks just look in anaconda's website:
just type what youre looking for in the search bar

if you want some more good resources written using jupyter notebooks just look here:

my favorite of the resources above is this book written entirely in jupyter notebooks and available online for free:

if you want to look for some articles:

the best way to learn is to actually code some shit, preferably some thing that will be useful in real world, every time you get stuck with something just look at stackexchange
other thing to put in mind is to focus in the process, not in your goal
if you keep dreaming about all the marvelous stuff youre doing and how it is going to be beautiful youll lose your focus and wont do shit
always focus in what youre doing know and proceed to do it step by step

the most important thing to learn are basic concepts, once you really understand the basic shit in programming to learn new things and learning new programming languages becomes quite easy

i think thats it

Germany the german thirster Munich, Bayern  No.389 +1 

thanks for le links, ill check them and compile useful ones in OP by tonite (or in a week)
Dice rollRolled 100d[-1,1,2,-2,3,-3]+2000. Result: 1994.

Brazil c̸̛̛̈͂̒̏̓̎͒̈͂̍̔̓̊̀͋͋͂̊́̒̏̑́̾̿́͘͘͠͝ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.390 +1 

what do you want to incorporate in your links compilation?
since programming is such a broad area you can basically take forever just by compiling links for resources to learn things related to coding

United States the american lola Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.392 +3 

Germany the german admin Munich, Bayern  No.429 +1 

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where the devkev discussion @ boys

tell bronnen wat you are working @ now and let the snobs judge you onlyne

Germany the german lumpenprole Munich, Bayern  No.460 +3 

File: 1533926405771.png (170.86 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

lets pick a hard hackerrank/leetcode challenge every week and compare our scores/solutions

right guys?

Canada the canadian vagiworshipper Montreal, Quebec  No.461 +1 

reading up on data warehousing and basic DBA shit

Brazil admin (massive cuckold spotted) Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.490 

im making worpress site to get affiliate money
i aint coding shit

Brazil admin Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.491 

Palestine, State of the palestinian women's pussy Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.495 


how's your hacktoberfest challenge going

Finland kotiakrobaatti Vantaa, Kanta-Hame  No.497 +1 

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India the indian meat toilet Mumbai, Maharashtra  No.498 +1 

Redoing MIT 6.00.1x and will do 6.00.2x from edX. It's probably retards version. But who cares! All this shit just because I can replicate some stupid papers and kaggle my way to a job.

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