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United States 2020 Ferenc-sauna Fort Lauderdale, Florida  No.924 

When the stock market crashed this year, I only had $400 to put in, and I had to take out $100 for cat food. University kept pushing courses back so I'm still working on that. I think I actually had the virus back in February because I was sick in a way that was different than normal. My parents are both out of work, like many people are at the moment. DIS seemed like a good choice but I'll have to pull out before it reaches $150 again, and I bought it too early around $94. I thought I did my 2018 tax return but then realized it was the 2017 I did, so I won't get my stimulus any time soon since the 2019 tax return was done late. I will likely invest the stimulus back in since I still have time before the stock market picks back up, and it may even crash again in an aftershock.

I'm doing financially okay at the moment despite all the problems around. University is so soul draining and time consuming. I've been thinking of trying to go for a summer job now that things are bad, but businesses are still down for the most part around here and unemployment is up, so taking a summer course for financial aid refund might be the more realistic option for summer money.

There is never enough time or energy for me to do more in a day's time. One step at a time and there is only so much time in a day, but now I'm not sure where I should step and the days are running lower. I've reached another crossroads in life and I need to plan which direction would be the most productive. I feel like one of xtian's chess pieces, a blunder.

United States Finnsexual Saunameister Redmond, Washington  No.925 +1 

File: 1587406050982.png (47.75 KB, 1060x506, DIS.png) ImgOps Google

still waiting on stimulus
need the stimulus right away

United States Battlemaid Christina Redmond, Washington  No.926 

Sold my shares early at $105. I need the money ready and the market is still unstable which makes me concerned. My profits were decent. I see now that the whole day went steady at $106. I wasn't expecting it to pick up like that but it will probably drop before the weekend.

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