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It is widely known that Viagra is a drug that doctors prescribe to men who suffer from sexual weakness. You can buy this medicine online rather quickly and at an affordable price. To make an order, you can directly on the site, first you need to select the product, then make a payment and expect delivery within the specified period. Buying Viagra online today is the most used option. You can pay for the medicine with your bank card without any additional deductions. Make orders from online stores to save your time. You can read more about clomid for men on the website.

Patients often try to find out how to take this remedy? It is necessary to follow the instructions of the treating specialist. As a rule, a man takes one tablet an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. You should not use more than one tablet a day. This medicine is produced in drages of 25, fifty and one hundred milligrams. Many patients take fifty milligrams. But you should not improvise in this matter, the doctor's recommendation is mandatory, or you can get certain side effects in the future.

Even when you take Viagra, you still need physical stimulation and desire to get an erection. When one dose of Viagra has not solved the problem, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may change the dosage for you.

The drug provokes several common side effects: dizziness; blood flow to the upper body and resulting redness and temperature rise in this part of the body; stomach cramps; runny nose; visual impairment (objects appear blue). Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects that are very bothersome to you. It is worth being as careful as possible about potential side effects. Especially at an older age, you can acquire a lot of problems if you don't listen to the medical professionals' instructions. If you are using Viagra and you feel chest pain at the same time, be sure to tell your doctor that you are using Viagra and when you have previously taken it.