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List of Bronnen Achievements

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Achievements by Upvotes:

15 or more:

25 * a message from an old friend - receive an angry pm from roy

20 * on a first name basisbe mentioned in one of eric's satires

19 * "Honey, I'm home" - get sent back to Krautchan by three different posters

18 * a man named Lucas - get called schizo for the first time

19 * two left feet - enter a theme thread and blow the extremely simple format

17 * Groundhewat Day - Wish Jack Hewat a happy birthday on 3 consecutive days

17 * Attention Whore Alert - Make a cryptic thread and refuse to give backstory

17 * always been here - survive at least two board migrations

16 * lol - exercised your right to make a gym thread

15 * *SNAP* - have a post of yours added to another posters cringe compilation

15 * Homeland Security - Tell someone to go back to Krautchan

15 * You know the drill – see a Shirley post, don't read it

10 or more:

14 * Tiger of Bengal - set up a fight between Chennai and a northern brother

14 * the fetish of intellectuals - get called a cuck by vastra

14 * misclicked - accidently upvote a post you didnt acutally enjoy

14 * Reminds me of the times i was staffas - Post on bronnen while currently serving in the armed forces

14 * our finest hour - participate in an anime upvote circlejerk

14 * One Trick Pony - Have your post edited into a roy meme

13 * Beauharnoisian Devotiondrive another poster obsessed enough to dedicate his entire persona to making memes about you

13 * Bronnenian Dialectics - Hold a conversation using nothing but ironic gay porn clips

13 * ahead of your time - make a thread that 404s with 0 upvotes and 0 replies'

12 * "corporations my masters" - get accused of being alt-right

12 * mommas boy - interact with one of the mothers of a bronnen user

12 * With friends like these… - coordinate an attack on a poster with 7 or more posters from your steam friends list

11 * "nah" - write a really long post and then decide not to post it

11 * minimum effort - make at least 10 Roy posts

11 * brother from another mother - have an unspoken pact with another poster to upvote each other

11 * Universal Basic Upvotes - Get upvoted solely by Lola images

11 * all roads lead to rome - leave forever then come back

11 * MiB - derail bear thread with rex shitting spam

11 * everyone's waiting - come up with 10 different ways for anus to kill himself

11 * Ben-o-rama - Collect at least 10 selfies of Ben Beaverton

11 * the long con - become so commited to your schizona you start to actually beleive what you post

10 * trace the signalremain unidentified for at least 1 hour after posting behind a proxy

10 * halleys comet - you coaxed michael coats out of a year of retirement to reply to your comment trolling him'

5 or more

Rex shitting.

9 * A sheep in wolf's clothing: participate in a gfur thread ironically

9 * cock cunning in the woods - successfully spam every thread on the front page with pictures of cocks

9 * m. fing legend - get the site investigated by a government agency

9 * A Nation Divided - Participate in a hairline thread

9 * delete this- make a post revealing something about yourself and then regret it

9 * the full english - report experiences with all 7 bristol stool chart results

9 * "i want to go home"- meet someone from bronnen in real life

9 * im drukn btw sorry^^ - misspell words on purpose while drunkposting on bronnen

9 * who are you looking at schizo?- become paranoid while browsing bronnen in public

8 * Wag the dog - sign a mod covina petition

8 * the lesser of two evils - upvote a ross post telling anus to kill himself

8 * one flew over the cuckoos nest - post on bronnen while staying at a psychiatric hospital

8 * Holy shit, why didn't I try this earlier? – find out what happens when you send an e-mail to [email protected]

8 * A Stallion's Approach: Publicly criticize Madeleine Albright's policies

8 * Just in Case - Check up on Circleboard

8 * eaea- pm a mod begging for something

8 * Piteå-Spotting - Successfully detect Piteå through one of his many proxies

8 * lost in translation - make a post that even you dont understand

8 * The polymath - reply to 3 different threads on /edi/

7 * they have simply got to go- get eugene to make a passive-agressive post directed at you

7 * better luck next time - post a reply to a thread as it's own thread

7 * welcome to the club buddy - post an ironic gay porn mp4 in reply to another

7 * A Thin World: meet Haraldur Jón Hannesson in real life

7 * all day and night - dream about posting on bronnen

7 * some cocks are bigger than others- get the most upvotes in an upvote circlejerk thread

7 * he who must not be named- get bullied so hard you leave bronnen forever

7 * Immaculate Inception - Attempt several tri-beams in a single thread

6 * This Land is My Land - Lose the ability and care to use proper grammar and pronunciation

6 * me diga então – get 5 commiserating replies to your self-pity post

6 * what a jerk- add someone from bronnen on an off-site communication platform

6 * brb pewdiepie - post your steam chat logs with another irrelevant poster

6 * magna cum laude - drop out of high school

6 * not proud, but satisfied- jerk off to one of issues haver's shirtless pics

6 * the lucas- upvote your own thread from another account

6 * Oedipus Rex - Post Rex taking a shit as a reply to a poster that has an intimate relation with one of his parents

6 * popped cherry - post got upvoted by someone other than piteas alt accounts

less than 5 (loool owned)

Your post getting tribeamed.

5 * Steve Ramble - elicit "you wrote all that" / "should I read this?" in reply to your overly verbose comment

5 * above and beyond - get three paint knight replies in one day

5 * stability- browse bronnen in lieu of attending a social event

5 * thin wrists, big words - receive a snarky remark from Xitian

5 * genetic lottery- post on bronnen while having a literal micropenis

5 * Cohen's Thirteen: Be part of Telegram orbi chat

5 * feminine cock- orbit a sissy

5 * abuse of power- accuse a bronnen moderator of sexual assault

5 * hartley bro - post 100 different lola/claire pics

5 * Good morning, America! - greet at least five posters in a good morning thread

5 * Morning Routine - first thing you did after waking up is checking bronnen

5 * wasted! - get a meme of yours saved in pedopear's folder

5 * Vanguard of the Revolution - Gang up on an altshite

5 * Shadow Realm - Get banned from /vir/

5 * impeach time- make an anti-trump thread just for the upvotes

5 * tri-beam triad – have oxford lithuanian, guido, and funnypants spain tri-beam your thread or post

4 * Be featured in one of mongo's okekaki comics

4 * täby tycker - make a täby post

4 * play it by ear - self-deprecate to escape bullying

4 * A baptism of fire - survive an onslaught of bsrs and "go back to krautchan" posts

4 * I Tread Where I Please - BTFO an ancap with logic and facts

4 * At Your Service - join the Chennai Upvote Brigade

4 * british shocked - get roasted by kchennai when you expected the least

4 * Strongest Under the Heavens - Derail multiple chad threads

4 * middle school blues - gang up on a poster that gets bullied by everyone

4 * Awooooo - Finish a whole animal anatomy book to enhance your puppyposting

3 * the stink eye – anger chennai enough that he starts randomly replying to posts of yours with the same insult phrased in a slightly different manner

3 * Nobody is 100% happy with themselves - complete a fanfiction BRJ recommended

3 * When Does The Narwhal Bacon? – crash the exclusive mod party… by stating the secret password!

3 * B-Day: participate in a raid on other chans

3 * Kamehameha! – send consecutive messages containing a total of six million characters, without using the N word; you slip up, you start over!

3 * my demons - make a whiny emo faggot thread for free sympathy

3 * Six-Day War - engage in a heated debate with site's owner

3 * a new low- jerk off to jessica james via skype

3 * echochamber - upvote a post not because it is particularly funny or smart but just because it agrees with you

3 * copernicus' scenario - acquire several orbiters

3 * peach time - announce what you are currently consuming with two words or less

3 * Uni is a scam, make the best of it though - Announce that you've failed out of higher education on the board

2 * In the Hall of the Krautchan King - Bait Xtian into writing a long verbose krautchan tier reply to a post you've made

2 * hall of fame - receive 30+ upvotes on a roy meme you made

2 * propaganda - advertise bronnen in the real world

2 * cain and abel - bethray a poster who thought you were his ally

2 * My sweet summer child - Mistake one of piteas schizonas for a real poster

2 * I'm gay - posted in this thread (except me)

2 * Bulgarian antics - Attempt to groom a sissy poster

2 * I said 5 minutes but she'll wait a lifetime - promise to provide bstory but then don't

2 * 867-5309: agent heather has doxed your phone number

2 * kroger- be kroger

1 * close shave - save an epic thread from deletion on page 40

1 * A Bad Influence: partially lose real life communication skills due to being on bronnen most of the time

1 * Take your Seroquel: posting on bronnen while having a psychiatric diagnosis

1 * the sledge hammer: make a dedicated memesona act out of character

1 * orbison - get someone from the telejerk to send you an invite to it

1 * pulling a ronen: addressed another poster by his real name

0 (LOL) * blog it like it's hot: upload images of your food to bronnen

0 (LOL) * When in Rome, do as the Romans: stop being KC tier after few weeks on Bronnen

0 * New kid on the block: come to bronnen after krautchan shutdown

0 (LOL) * Chadling - Be extroverted with your mom

*snapped* on of 2018 (year of no gf)


Achievements by Upvotes
Cheese Ice cream Butter Yogurt

fuck this lool