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Ronnen is always with you, whether you realize it or not.

Fake Merchant, being a critical double-agent in the IDF, has a wide array of different Mossad agents at his disposal. This includes his Gangstalking platoon, capable of going to anywhere in the US, Europe, Australia, Porkistan, Copeville, Finnland (finns are not in europe, therefore not white) and Ostrobothnia. This platoon specializes in following, and being a general annoyance to the person they are stalking, 24/7. They follow the person getting Gangstalked, referred to as the "target" daily, and if confronted by the target, pretend to be oblivious. They follow the target in traffic, public buildings, supermarkets, and even to their own home, sometimes even moving next to the target and spying on them through the curtains with specially designed telescopic binoculars that they carry everywhere, to Gangstalk from a distance.

Why would Fake Merchant (ronnen) send Palestinian agents, (who resemble normal citizens of the country the target lives in) both men and women to spy on Bronnenites? What could possess him the want to ruin a well off person, like Solomon Paul Carter, by sending men who ride horses everywhere with tracking devices inside said horses, and stalking Solomon everywhere he goes?

Who knows.

But know this, your grandmother, the pizza delivery boy (or middle aged man), the town sheriff, the stable master, the 13 year old girl next door, the mail man, the anthropomorphic animal enthusiast, the history teacher who wears a hoodie and jeans to class, the convicted child rapist, ANYONE, could be a Gangstalker sent by Fake Merchant (ronnen) to follow you, pester you, hypnotize you with occult and freemason symbolism, to get you to eventually kill yourself.

Take the redpill.