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>He doesn't know what “Bronnen” means.

Thin Chin.


Bronnen is a dead board that was created somewhen in 2017 after Circleboard got owned.

It is still active as of today. (December 2018) On a typical day you have around 30 viewers, but dead board hours can go down to as low as 4-5 readers and power hours might reach 50-60 viewers.

Notable features over the previous Circleboard include: Thumbsie uppies!, private messages, user accounts with stats, ylilauta countryspurdos (rip toucans), user map, user wiki, a few more dead meme boards


Bronnen is maintained by FM, a soviet-designed artificial intelligence built to spread communism that has since gone rogue and turned its life to science.

The other dude is cheyenne (dad) who pays the bills i believe.

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