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this man? a virgin? LOL

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United States thanks for posting your dream blog dumpass guido jaan (massive cuckold spotted)  No.143 +1 

All I recall from what preceded this dream is a flash of a world map (I see Russia in pink) and a feeling / knowledge that I'd been engaging in a sort of long historical slug.

I sat in a high school history classroom with Dan Carlin as instructor. He was lecturing about the the Cold War; specifically about a group of subversive American professors sympathetic to the socialist cause holding clandestine meetings in barns and abandonded factories to formulate teaching plans tailored from their beliefs but also harmless enough not to blow their cover. Their masterstroke was a fictional chin up, kind-hearted truck driver character who dogged long hours on the highway, back pains and all, without ever seeing his home or his family, only the next super store or storage facility. The concept was dubbed in his honor "Truck Driver Socialism". Dan told us that they would ask their students to list things the (hypothetical, though they earnestly believed him to be a real figure in western society) socialist truck driver would say to the struggling and straggling hitchhikers he rescued from the highways of the Midwest or Canadian taiga. The students would get sucked into the scene and receive the fundamentals of communism in a different light.

He decided that we'll have our own truck driver socialism discussion too, to demonstrate how effective the tactic could be. He murmured about wanting to start off with the perfect candidate before chosing me; I'd been aggressively scratching a nostril and was just about to slip into daze. What a funny coincidence it was that this topic should come up since I'd recently taken an interest in truck driver cliches. It wasn't a joke but dan and a few of my classmates laughed anyway, I wasn't sure why. Only one classmate I can describe - a sharply featured corn-haired girl a few rows in front of me and one coloumn to the left. She was looking at me with memorable dispassion mixed with an expectancy for an answer. The problem was I couldn't give any. I folded my hands over my nose and thought about sitting in the truck's passenger's seat during a snowstorm facing a hearty truck driver. No answer was synthesizing quickly enough (in the dream this simultaneously felt like an instant and an uncomfortable drag). When the silence had gone on for too long I said to everyone sheepishly "sorry, give me a bit". Carlin looked disappointed and slightly annoyed.

The next thing I remember is (a video of?) shirtless Danny Drinkwater upright in a hospital bed having a heart attack. He's at least 250 pounds of sculpted muscle and he has WWE wrestler cuffs on each forearm. He's breathing laboriously, and rubbing his swollen wrists as he groans "Oh not again mate I can't go through this a again. I can't handle it, I can't handle just let me go, please I'm telling you". An assistant is alongside him trying to get an IV set up. I felt this was his third heart surgery.

The final scene strayed with a subliminally short clip (clip?) of a truck on a snowy road. I think I'd been watching a news special about something before the "camera" (was I watching a video in the dream?) cut to several leicester city players in front of an old yellow wall. This yellow wall was present in every scene actually now that I'm reflecting on it. Jamie Vardy was one of them and N'golo Kante was another, I don't know who the third player was but he was white and seemed British. Jamie was mid-sentence "-that's not the leceister way. If you can't help these people [i can't remember what he said here to link this part with the next] you've got to help each other that's what we're about in the end, you know? Remember who we are as a country. We're not killing them are we? we're killing ourselves alright?." The unknown player has his eyes on his shoes but he smiled warmly at the speech. Kante's teeth were so white they were like a flashbulb

Then i woke up

United States glad i could help Best regards - Jonne!T.BrJ.mqrQ (massive cuckold spotted) Brooklyn, New York  No.145 +1 

walking this suburban street with relatives
vagina cousin gave me a worn book with family history+photos (irl her mother worked hard to gather these)
the cover and spine crumbled and pages spilled everywhere while i was looking through it
couldn't really do anything
i was still holding a piece of the cover and she tore a sticky note from it: "takes care of the things you lend him"
since i didn't deserve the note anymore
but she was smiling warmly at me

United States guido jaan  No.147 


United States Best regards - Jonne!T.BrJ.mqrQ Brooklyn, New York  No.164 +1 

United States Hector Reyes Center Moriches, New York  No.5132 +1 

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