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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means

File: 1576595831681.png (732.44 KB, 3868x1064, n5ol6zw5tw241.png) ImgOps Google

Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3064605 +7 

United States fully demonized and loving it Middletown, New Jersey  No.3064608 +1 


Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3064611 +3 

File: 1576596979351.png (61.48 KB, 992x678, gyonseiglxv31.png) ImgOps Google

i hate women but radfems are based

Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3064612 +3 

File: 1576597084073.png (213.08 KB, 1300x975, tkw4qmhrbbs31.png) ImgOps Google

Germany Hamburg, Hamburg  No.3064614 +3 

weird thread but i like it

Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3064616 +1 

File: 1576598243972.png (204.18 KB, 960x540, ise878uqw5341.png) ImgOps Google

Norway the norwegian staffas sergeant Stavanger, Rogaland  No.3064618 +4 

it's fun until men stop giving her attention

Argentina the argentine reddit suede Cipolletti, Rio Negro  No.3064625 

whos this

is this the melanine whore from canada

Finland the finnish reddit swede Helsinki, Uusimaa  No.3064631 +1 

File: 1576603110317.png (60.43 KB, 241x241, 241.png) ImgOps Google

Excellent thread.

Spain the spanish pmf Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha  No.3064636 +18 

hopefully the 2010s will end and everyone will die of aids

United States the american bougie Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.3064638 

where femjoker @

Spain the spanish soya dad Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha  No.3064639 +6 

File: 1576607000513.jpg (32.79 KB, 903x326, here.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

right here family

United States the american futacock Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.3064645 +1 

moid analytics

United States subtle nuanced humor Bellevue, Washington  No.3064651 +5 

File: 1576610145234.jpeg (110.19 KB, 605x500, B6A3312A-90B1-4B84-839F-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Uruguay classic putin!D0Ykh4wFqw Montevideo, Montevideo  No.3064656 

the gendercide cannot come soon enough

Spain kcspen Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de  No.3064669 +1 

Wasn't "pinkpill" a tranny sissy term?

United States Richmond, Virginia  No.3064693 +4 

women have invaded the language of males invading womens spaces

United States the american only 96 Council Bluffs, Iowa  No.3064697 +2 

All men deserve it

Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3064703 +1 

File: 1576633408635.png (600.9 KB, 964x964, transparentpard.png) ImgOps Google

i hate men and women
gender is so fucking stupid

Canada critique of the goth gf (massive cuckold spotted) Calgary, Alberta  No.3064706 

based kotia

Norway the norwegian dogfucker  No.3064708 

i am a woman give me free money now plz

Norway the norwegian cartoon frog  No.3064712 +1 

do you get to the cloud district very often?

Canada based and horsepilled Calgary, Alberta  No.3064713 

File: 1576635578955.png (16.53 KB, 500x250, 16 bit cutscene smug leapo….png) ImgOps Google

only sonderkommando and furmod know what kotia looks like

United States the american horse rapist Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey  No.3064714 +1 

I wish my hands didn't tremor so I could draw more gfur….

United States the american anónimus Council Bluffs, Iowa  No.3064718 +1 

File: 1576639442642.jpeg (33.88 KB, 494x378, BC8074D1-36F3-4854-9CC4-5….jpeg) ImgOps Google

you still can

Canada critique of the goth gf Toronto, Ontario  No.3064912 +3 

File: 1576686025914.jpg (115.97 KB, 1244x500, nieebf3nliv31.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Germany the german cuckservative Berlin, Berlin  No.3064971 +6 

File: 1576699169071.png (620.53 KB, 489x652, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google


Brazil the brazilian jaxon Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.3064981 

Brazil the brazilian lumpenprole Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.3064982 

i claimed my weif

United States Treat Boy Evansville, Indiana  No.3065003 

So today I woke up and had really painful cramps due to the deadly woman’s monthly cycle, mixed with some spiced chicken that hadn’t set right in my belly all night. I go to the toilet about 3 times before work this morning but it’s eased off a bit so take tablets, grin and bear it then leave for work.

Now my job is a working within the Prison System and escorting prisoners to certain places, including courts. This is where it all went downhill.

I had to escort this prisoner over to the witness box and stand next to her (open court) So I do my usual but my tummy has started to really hurt again. I’m trying my absolute best to put off a fart which I know is brewing but can’t hold it much longer. So I do a really silent one and pat myself on the back thinking I had got away with it….

That is until the Prisoner starts coughing and retching and shouting, ‘what the fucks that?!’ I quickly realise what it must be but can’t admit to such a foul, putrid smell so start crinkling my nose as well and gagging. The admin clerk walks slightly closer and retches so hard she had to swiftly put her head in the bin. By this point it’s getting loud and chaos is starting to ensue (not what you want in court, in front of the District Judge)

He quickly tells me to take the prisoner back over to the closed dock and states it must be the pipes. He stands down the whole of court and makes maintenance come in to check all pipes for any leaks, cracks, ANYTHING which could of made that smell happen. Prisoner still has watery eyes, Im pretending to gag and the clerk is sipping water next to a bucket.

Canada based and horsepilled Calgary, Alberta  No.3065085 +2 

File: 1576739895172.png (262.92 KB, 400x516, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Canada based and horsepilled Calgary, Alberta  No.3065086 +16 

File: 1576740569727.png (214.95 KB, 552x592, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

United States Operation Norwood Center Moriches, New York  No.3065534 

Feminism should control everything

Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3065554 


Canada critique of the goth gf Calgary, Alberta  No.3065555 +5 

true feminism advocates for women to self abolish their status as women
how can you get any more based than that

United States the american lund swede Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.3065786 

I missed this

Canada Men are not good people based and horsepilled Calgary, Alberta  No.3066650 +3 

File: 1578018129207.png (812.82 KB, 500x667, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

K Michelle was right. Men have no souls. Yesterday, I witnessed a man beating a woman in broad daylight. I called the police, gave a statement, and then while I was getting ready to leave, a man approached me to “offer me comfort”, and then ended up hitting on me. Men are predators. They are mostly incapable of of empathy. A couple of months ago, I had to euthanize my puppy, and the vet tech who was present through the whole process, ended up asking me out at the end of the well check phone call. Like, what in the ever loving fuck?

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