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>he doesn't know what "Bronnen" means.

Germany Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2762974 +19 [View All]

had my first real kiss with a real life onna just now
then i ate an ecstasy went emtional with her boyfriend for a bit

she even promised me to take my virginity when she's single again
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United States the american cbronnenite Southaven, Mississippi  No.2764249 +4 

Netherlands Diemen, Noord-Holland  No.2764253 +5 


United States the american bougie Southaven, Mississippi  No.2764254 +4 

Netherlands Diemen, Noord-Holland  No.2764267 +5 


United States the american samir34 Southaven, Mississippi  No.2764269 +4 

Australia the australian christcuck Melbourne, Victoria  No.2764285 

holy shit give update already
did you find chennai in her vagina or not

if yes i am booking a flight to NRW asap

United States the american beancuck Richardson, Texas  No.2764336 +1 

United States O🅱️AMA!!lhkDdZFktM Richardson, Texas  No.2764338 

India the indian idris elba New Delhi, Delhi  No.2764342 +4 

i never got the powsi

Norway the norwegian norgebosniak Stavanger, Rogaland  No.2764359 

der ewige chad

Brazil Lori Lages, Santa Catarina  No.2764643 

what do you mean by that second sentence
Dice rollRolled 10d10. Result: 56.

Ireland the irish neghole pozzer Dunboyne, Meath  No.2764647 

File: 1549801424604.jpg (20.99 KB, 542x602, lori wojak.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Iceland gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Reykjavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi  No.2764653 +3 

File: 1549801790988.png (157.38 KB, 366x459, 2hair.png) ImgOps Google

Sweden Proxy the swedish oblivious hussy  No.2764655 +3 

Not even a month into face reveal, already has chance to get laid.

Germany the german 4channer Darmstadt, Hessen  No.2764684 +3 

File: 1549803391208.jpg (33.58 KB, 500x398, 9 (18).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Palestine, State of the palestinian autist Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765005 

can we get further backstory btw

Germany (muokattu) Augsburg, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2765014 


the mdma makes you want to talk to people even if that's not normally your thing
i lost my group and chilled with the bf for a bit because i was slightly nauseous


i think he saw us being close @ the dancefloor and came up from behind
then we exchanged some comments about fighting over the gf and made silly gestures

not gonna touch her again until she's single lol
she's probably this meme >>2762994 and also a hentai-crazy pervert (that's how we bonded)

it didn't feel much like anything surprisingly
but was still fun nonetheless

after we talked for a bit about me being turbovirgin
we went to the floor and that's when she put her face to me and pointed on her lips
retarded me blew a kiss back and then she did it again and kinda forced me into it

nhhgghH!! and the rest… hehehehe aAAAAAAAA!!!! (sorry)
also this >>2765016

United States the american mudžahid Council Bluffs, Iowa  No.2765016 +5 

none of that happened

United Kingdom the scottish mujahideen!yHewato8KQ London, England  No.2765019 


United States idiotretard Mohall, North Dakota  No.2765023 

>the mdma makes you want to talk to people even if that's not normally your thing
I just have delusions that god is physically present and spend the entire time dancing, doing yoga, and meditating

Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765025 

oh we all thought you had sex

Palestine, State of the palestinian stablemaster Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765026 

i don't think so bro

Palestine, State of the palestinian futanari Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765027 

ok thanks

Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765028 

hihihi ever been in a rave tent or abandon haus

Germany Augsburg, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2765029 

looking 4ward to festival stables tbh

meat me
i have never
i have never

love it when that happens

Palestine, State of the palestinian janitor Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765032 



Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765034 

but my biggest regret was still having no courage to talk my teacher or maintained contact

Palestine, State of the palestinian kcbitchboi Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765036 +1 

teacher student rave tent abandon haus

joni naked wtf

Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765038 

no i mean
you probably don't remember

but i was half dishonest
her marriage broke down because she couldn't have kids
and after i left school and met her by chance she never really put into effort (neither did i tbh)

she saved me from having no children
but i couldn't give less fuck about that

Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765040 

but she still in touch with her exhusband (who had kids with another woman)

it's fucked up thinking about it because she went way out of her way to teach someone like me

Brazil gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2765043 

when the festival happens?

Palestine, State of the palestinian unkler Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765048 

United States the american tuna swede Mount Laurel, New Jersey  No.2765060 

I tried to kiss a Dominican whore, but she wouldn't let me.

Germany (muokattu) Augsburg, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2765071 

File: 1549831539189.mp4 (6.83 MB, 484x272, 2e73637103c73da5705858affb….mp4) ImgOps Google

hai in den mai - 02rd to 05th of may @ waldfrieden
if you know "wonderland" (it's a classic) then this is @ the same location, albeit quite early in the year
thus nights can be cold so less people go and if the sun don't come out your cucked (but that's with all festivals)
i'm pondering this because the gal from the OP said she'd go and i usually have nobody to go with except one other dude and his group

here's a few good ones listed (i haven't picked specifics yet but i will go this year 100%)
antaris and indian spirit are good if you like large festivals but they wanna milk money so expect many shops and a few mass-tourism tier people (sunglasses and topless baywatch dudes)
new healing is kinda the opposite with a week of indoctrination camp and party only on the weekend, more based community but can be smaller and also more shitty in terms of art
psychedelic circus was also recommended to me but i havent been myxelf
psy fi in holland was very nice 2 years ago but i think they got cucked from the public park they had back then, legal truffles shops nice!

these gaggalacka guys here do small-scale festivals with no-entry for people that are not on the list
idk how to get in there but last year was v nice, they play forest goa which is dark/murky but still danceable
i think you have to suck their cocks on assbook to get in, but it's well worth it in my imo

Estonia the estonian leafcuck Tallinn, Harjumaa  No.2765075 

Me the hpv

Argentina the argentine ntgger Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires  No.2765077 +1 

lol the bf was there and u were talking to him

and this all happened at an electronic music party

while doing white people drugs

thats low even for some1 like me

Belarus the belarusian alex jones Minsk, Minskaya voblasts'  No.2765099 

Hair fork

Turkey tranny worshipper Ankara, Ankara  No.2765120 +2 

jealous, bitch?

Brazil gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2765123 

im going to germony stables in august
any recommendation?

Palestine, State of the palestinian patrik fridén Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765128 +3 


but only when hentai crazed swine is in sweden

Brazil gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2765130 

hamburger is really good for whoremongering

Australia Melbourne, Victoria  No.2765152 


how much contraception did you buy your sister
infertility is a bigger tragedy than being incel or fat

Germany (muokattu) Augsburg, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2765157 

File: 1549834768756.jpg (119.02 KB, 1200x1600, IMG-20190210-WA0000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lool august, i smell a repeat meme
pic rel is kccroatia trip that my little otouto is draftin up, but idk yet whether i'll attend

about festivals, it kinda depends what you're looking for but bottom line they're all fun when the weather is nice and that's always a gamble

take new healing if you want workshops to play group bongo's @, hear alternative lifestyle lectures and all around a chill community
take wonderland / indian spirit if your more about the party and professional decorations @ the cost of some commercialism

Brazil gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2765173 

that wont be a repeat i think
ill fly to germany in the last days of july
and ill probably be heading back to south america just by the time you are heading to your kcroatia trip

i went to split and an island called hvar last summer
biggest tourist trap ive been to
i even went to a party where there were mostly men attending and the beer they sold there was warm and expensive

since im already going to attend wacken again, my plan is to enjoy some shit that is cheap and drink the maximum amount of beer possible spending the minimum possible
something like going to a park in a sunny sunday, make some sausage bbq and drink the cheapest beer

Palestine, State of the palestinian curitiba Khan Yunis, Gaza  No.2765178 

idk a lot

like 3 boxes of that shit

many romanian frogs were turned gay that weekend

Germany (muokattu) Augsburg, Schleswig-Holstein  No.2765191 

>something like going to a park in a sunny sunday, make some sausage bbq and drink the cheapest beer
yeah i did this meme plenty in hamberg

there's these kind of events that play electronic music outdoors and take no entry fee to attract exactly the kind of publicity you've described

though it might have become more rulecucked in recent years due to the terrorism meme, so there might be security checking your bags for glass bottles and you'll need to find another way to smuggle in beer hehehe

if your mates are from hamburg they surely know more local festivals than i do, one that's been in my mind was called umsonst und draußen, and just googling that + hamburg i found another one that i didn't know before

most commercial festival fee's run @ about 70€, take another ~40€ x2 for commute back and forth and together with food and booze you easily run into the 250€'ish area in terms of total expenses for a weekend

aside of that, just chillin in hamburg parks with 1€ ALDI grill and 5,0 unbranded booze is epic enough!

Brazil gopnik!Wo0bn/JfrQ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo  No.2765196 

>aside of that, just chilling in hamburg parks with ALDI grill and booze is epic enough!

thats what i want to do
in berlin people were doing that, but i was alone and just drank berr and watched people sing in the karaoke
they said some shit about the flea market there in the park, but it was kinda boring
the one alogside the river in frankfurt was more interesting

but the most macabre ones ive seen in my life where here in brazil near slums where you can exchange used crap and go bak home with the most useless stuff you can find
and one in la paz where people sell used car parts, alpacas, el chavo posters, all the crap you can imagine

United States the american fedora atheist San Jose, California  No.2769513 +3 

File: 1550106418621.mp4 (1.58 MB, 240x180, my sacrifice.mp4) ImgOps Google

United Kingdom the british curitiba Oxford, England  No.2769530 +2 

File: 1550107239543.png (182.29 KB, 400x300, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

Spain the spanish magapede Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha  No.2769535 +5 

this brings tears to my eyes
my sacrifice

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